Artificial Heartleaf Philodendron Vines Garland
Artificial Heartleaf Philodendron Vines Garland | Philodendron Heartleaf Garland, Green ID# PHL#72
Philodendron Heartleaf Garland, Green ID# PHL#72
Artificial Heartleaf Philodendron Vines Garland | Philodendron Heartleaf Garland, Green ID# PHL#72

Artificial Heartleaf Philodendron Vines Garland

ID# PHL#72

Heartleaf Philodendrons are very popular worldwide and appreciated for their hardiness and ease of care. Our Heartleaf Philodendron garland incorporates those same prized features, in the 72” long beauty strands. This dark green leafy vine consists of 40 large leaves that will fill a unique space easily with little to no maintenance. Use this in hanging baskets, to create a pole climbing plant, in planters, or on structures that just need some plant life. Consider this variety to be used to decorate ledges or trellis accents as well. Made with our finest materials, the Heart Leaf Philodendron is fire-resistant and long-lasting. This is an accent that is truly versatile and will decorate your landscape with a stunningly realistic approach.
Heart-leaf Philodendrons symbolize forgiveness, endurance, and rejuvenation. With Plantscape Commercial Silk’s faux Heartleaf Philodendron vine garland, you can instill the sublime beauty of a Philodendron in your space without having the headache to care for a live plant. Our Philodendron vine garlands look so real that even a practiced botanist will have a tough time identifying them as a replica.
To create hyper-realistic faux Philodendron vine garlands, our experts have replicated the deep green, heart-shaped leaves of the plant closely. These leaves are created using top-quality polyester. The plus side of this faux Philodendron garland is that it will never wither or fade in color. You can use it to add a touch of green to your personal and commercial spaces to create a more calming atmosphere.
Unlike other garlands on the market that are made of flammable materials, our faux Philodendron vine garland comes with a unique feature to ensure safety—ThermaLeaf®. At Plantscape Commercial Silk, we use the ThermaLeaf® technology to make our products fireproof starting at the molecular level, ensuring your safety and compliance with fire regulations.

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3-Part Specifications



Components can be affixed to interior or exterior surfaces with site specific systems to keep foliage full and secure. These can be affixed to Walls, Fences or even a Trellis.


Attachment solutions can be catered to the needs of the site alongside the greenery being placed in, on and around existing ceiling structure.


Components can be formed and applied to existing gridwork.


Attachment solution for pre-constructed ceiling substrates with low-height limitations. Requires minimal skilled installation labor. Ideal for remodeling spaces.


IFR Greenery allows light features to have components wrapped in and around adding depth to the space.


Greenery can be customized to fit existing frames for unique Greenery scapes.


Plantings are formed to interior, or exterior conditions allowing ease of installation, and ability to customize type, density, and easy swapping.


Mats and components are formed to install around angles and curves to fit each location and dimension.


Component attachment methods can be formed to the desired style and feel of the location.

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