Artificial Grape Ivy Vines
Artificial Grape Ivy Vines | Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI115
Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI115
Artificial Grape Ivy Vines | Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI115
Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI115
Artificial Grape Ivy Vines | Grape Ivy Vine ID# GRI115
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Artificial Grape Ivy Vines

ID# GRI115

A member of the Grape family, the Grape Ivy incorporates the lush and full look of a real grapevine into this fabulous Artificial Grape Ivy plant. Multiple tones of green with a glossy true-to-life leaf design, in varying leaf sizes, make this a fabulous choice for your interior project. Use this in hanging baskets, in planters to accentuate floral arrangements, on pedestals, and on plant stands. Sized at 15” high, this Grape Ivy is full and flowing with livelihood, making a notable impact wherever you incorporate this greenery. Fine materials, durable and stylish enough to last for years to come, this is a great Ivy option.
This artificial Grape Ivy Vine can make any space stand out, be it a boring monochrome wall or a wooden window trellis. The lush foliage of these faux Grape Ivy Vine can be handy for hiding any blemishes or imperfections of walls. Or use it as a way to cover up bald spots in your garden. So authentic looking are these fake Grape Ivy Vines that they will go quite well with your existing foliage. Onlookers would be hard-pressed to find dissimilarities between real plants and this faux Grape Ivy Vine.
Plantscape Commercial Silk offers these artificial Grape Ivy Vines in ThermaLeaf© materials. All ThermaLeaf© materials are inherently fireproof. To achieve this, we inject the right fire-protectant chemicals into the raw materials at a very early stage. This ensures all fake plants made from ThermaLeaf© materials display fire-retardant properties for their entire lifetime. A lot of fake plants that claim to be fireproof have only been treated with a topical fireproofing agent. These properties wear away in some time. Not so with ThermaLeaf©. Now you can get greenery with peace of mind.
Let us customize this fake Grape Ivy Vine for your specific needs. We can easily adjust its dimensions and other aspects so that it may suit your space better.

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