Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panels
Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panels | Boxwood Panel ID# BOX4X7
Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panels
Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panels
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Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panels


Artificial boxwood hedge panels can be used to create living walls, provide background for visual interest, or conceal objects or structures that may not fit harmoniously in your design. Our faux boxwood wall panels are made for both indoor and outdoor use and come in a standard 4’ x 7’ size. We can customize the panels for your commercial installation, making this very easy to implement. As an effective, functional, and appealing way to add greenery, our faux hedge wall panels are a great way to add a natural-appearing wall hedge or living wall concept. High-quality materials make these durable, low maintenance, and design-friendly.
As natural-looking as their natural counterparts, the faux boxwood hedge panels from Plantscape Commercial Silk do a more-than-decent job of decorating your commercial property. Make the walls come alive with these panels. Use them as covers for cubicles or room dividers. Or simply install them over improper-looking walls. Every way, the artificial boxwood hedge panels will do a lot to increase the visual aesthetics of your commercial workspace.
And it’s not just about visual aesthetics but also about durability. To ensure the latter, we use nothing but the best raw materials to make the fake boxwood hedge panels. Fully customizable in terms of dimensions, the faux boxwood hedge panels can be installed in both the indoor and outdoor areas of your commercial property. Utility and beauty go hand in hand with our artificial boxwood hedge panels.
Our faux boxwood hedge panels are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This is due to our PermaLeaf® technology that incorporates weather-resistant elements in the raw materials used to manufacture these plants. And the raw materials are also infused with fire-retardant chemicals, courtesy of our ThermaLeaf® technology. This makes the artificial boxwood hedge panels fire-resistant. Contact Plantscape Commercial Silk today to know more about installing these panels in your commercial property.

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