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Wedding Decor

Growing Together

It’s hard not to feel an insane amount of pressure about your wedding day. In no uncertain terms, from that day forward, you are their person, they are yours, and that can feel like the biggest deal of your life. But it’s not just promises and commitment, it’s also about growing together. It’s about starting your next story and exploring a new side of life, but not alone.

Weddings are also the home of the visual metaphor, and for that reason, there’s no more poignant way to celebrate growing and intertwining your lives than with a veritable garden of big artificial plants and topiaries. Lush, full greenery symbolizes the health and abundance of love in a new marriage, and it also doesn’t hurt that it fits every style from downtown rooftop weddings to classic religious venues to the rustic countryside.


1. The Boxwood Arch

Boxwood is a variety of topiary hedges you would commonly see surrounding a classic English estate, known for its dense, even texture and perfect tiny leaves. These shrubs can be trained into various shapes by horticulturists, and are often shaped privacy hedges or unique purposes like a wedding arch.

The problem is, unless you’ve scheduled your wedding 5-7 years from now, you won’t be able to get the vibrant living art piece you wanted. Creating an elegant Boxwood feature worthy of your wedding day requires years of effort, and frankly, who wants to wait that long? Thankfully, Artificial Boxwood Hedges come in standard-size mats and rolls and can be attached to pretty much anything to create seamless, ultra-realistic, one-of-a-kind boxwood topiary.

Wedding Party Bouquet

2. Wedding Party Bouquet

Every wedding has its share of flowers–but not like this. Notoriously delicate, flowers can inject another dose of stress into your day-of itinerary by wilting, drooping, losing petals, or just not looking their best when it counts the most. Not to mention, once the night is over, all of those expensive flowers are going out with the garbage.

Instead, plant a statement piece at your wedding table using artificial flowers and foliage. Your options for the theme, color, and variety are limitless when you open the door to crafted flowers, allowing you to create the custom arrangement of your dreams. Artificial flowers won’t wilt or shrivel while you’re busy living the night, so you have one less thing to stress over, and they can be kept as a beautiful ever-blooming reminder of your wedding day.

Wedding Frame

3. Say I Do to Timeless Perfection

Wedding photos are some people’s most treasured possessions. After many years in a happy relationship, people love to look back fondly on the day where they decided to make a big change for the better. Looking back on your I-do’s can be even more special when it’s all framed by an artful and timeless background composed of artificial garlands, climbing ivy foliage, and sculpted topiary planters.

And if the weather just won’t cooperate with your big day, go ahead and move it indoors. Artificial foliage doesn’t wilt or sag regardless of indoor or outdoor conditions, and is tough enough to survive installation and take down time and again. Whether you’re saying your vows in the sunshine, pouring rain, or air conditioning, give your photographer something incredible to work with and capture the real magic of the moment.

Wedding Green Background

4. Borrow Some Nature

Photo-worthy nature is all around us. Any good local photographer will know a few places they can go for incredible natural backgrounds–opportunities are everywhere if you know where to look. Local parks, nature conservatories, hiking trails, and greenhouses can all provide magical scenery for your wedding (or engagement) photos, at no cost to you. Some establishments may ask for special permissions or fees to shoot photos or videos in their space as compensation for their hard work in cultivating it, but most are open to the public.

By the same token, if you’re authorized to do so, foraging for natural elements can be a fun, creative, and beautifully rewarding way to include the wild world in your wedding. Collecting tall grasses, wildflowers, branches, and fronds can help you improve decor on short notice, it costs you nothing but time and effort, and is a thoughtful, grass-roots way to contextually include the local area in your ceremonies.

5. Go Wild

Possibly the best part about using greenery in your wedding decor is that it’s practically impossible to get it wrong. Silk artificial plants, flowers, and grasses are wild, organic, and chaotic by nature, which gives you a ton of wiggle room in the composition department. You can stick with classic and regal white orchids, roses, and boxwood, or go all-in on ferns, hanging ivy, and tropical flowers.

The general rule of (green) thumb with plants is, “the more the merrier”. Having just a handful of plants can sometimes seem sparse and sad, resulting in the opposite effect you’d hoped for. Providing an abundant presence of greenery creates a much more profound effect, and provides guests with feelings of comfort, awe, and wonder.


What Is Immersive Design?

Can’t Go Wrong

Your wedding belongs to you and your partner, and it’s important to remember that when you’re trying to figure who can be sat next to who without arguing and revising your menu around guest allergies for the third time in a week. Your wedding decor should express what the day means to you, and artificial greenery puts that power within reach.

Artificial trees and plants have timeless appeal and are photographically indistinguishable from their live counterparts. You can take peace of mind in knowing that natural greenery is a universal theme, loved by all. It’s hard to please everyone else on your own wedding day, but at least part this is easy–everyone loves the comfort and style of abundant greenery in a relaxed atmosphere.