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9 Clever New Ways to Decorate Your Hall

Does your hallway look really dull and boring? Does it scream for your attention all the time? If yes, then, you must look for ways to deck up your hall. A hallway is in most cases a neglected area of the house, and people just forget about decorating it when remodeling their other rooms like the bedroom, dining room, living room as well as bathrooms. It has become the passageway that dwellers simply use to travel to the other so-called vital rooms. But, now, with the 9 way shown below, you can transform the very appearance of your hallway and make it look chic.

1. Create the Magic of Stripes and Patterns

Stripes have a knack of adding an instant zing to any wall, whether its dented, old or new. The hallway need not necessarily be the dullest part of your house anymore when you choose to paint its walls with stylish strips. If going monochrome is your kind of thing, opt to paint the walls of the hallway with black and white stripes. However, if your theme is more vibrant and you wish to add a pop of color to your hallway, then paint the walls with bright shades of red or maroon.

Either use paint to deck up the walls in stripes, or else, choose a striped wallpaper that you can get from any shop. Wallpapers are easier to remove and assemble rather than a painting that can take a lot of your time and effort.

Another clever way to add dazzle to your hallway is to use different types of patterns. Since, most hallways staircases, there is scope for you to stylize them with a patterned rug or runner. Use either Ikkat or geometric prints to get your hallways noticed instantly.

2. Add a Feel of Spaciousness with Mirrors

Mirrors are an easy way to add a feel of a bigger space to a small area, just like your hallway. If you want to take your hallway decor to the next level, try placing mirrors of varied forms and shapes on the walls. Apart from mirroring the walls, there is also the option to use a combo of a big ornamental mirror and a console table that is decorated with artsy accessories and crafts. Here, you can use artificial orchids to team with other artful pieces arranged on the table. Other clever uses of mirrors in hallways include placing a sunburst mirror on the wall facing the hallway or putting a gigantic mirror against the wall.

3. Make Your Hallway Functional

In order to get a proper and clean look for your hallway, you need to make it functional. Most often the hall remains a neglected spot that becomes the dustbin of the house. It is here that you don’t take care to put things in an orderly manner. Rather, you end up cluttering the passage with unwanted things. So, if you want to order around the whole house, your hallway should too get included. Make a point to decorate it with minimal accessories like a console table with itsy bitsy artwork, or else, place a faux silk hydrangea arrangement in a large vase, and that’s just about it.

4. Add a Dose of Naturalness

There’s nothing better that lends a ‘wow’ feel to space than plants, both real as well as artificial. So, its time that you bring the outdoors in your hallway by decorating it with fake palm branches or even the real ones if you think you can get sunlight to them quickly. Fake plants don’t always look tacky. There are smart ways to team these up with real plants by camouflaging them in large ceramic vases. Faux cactus arrangements too can be used to make a signature statement.

5. Jazz the Walls with a Touch of Gold

Golden colored wallpaper should be your choice when thinking of stylizing your hallway. This is so as it will bring a hint of luxury to your space, making it look regal and luxurious. Once, you have plastered the golden wallpaper on to the wall, you can then, team it up with selected golden accessories to lend a feel of opulence.

6. Turn Your Hallway Wall into an Artsy Gallery

Does your hallway look duller than dull and you want to do something magical to it? Well, the smart thing here is to transform its wall into a show gallery wherein you display all kinds of quirky artwork frames that you have been collecting till now. A gallery wall looks elegant, and funky if you know how to play with the abstract. If you wish, you can even make a portrait of family and keep it homely. Choosing frames in white and pale colors lends a feel of a bigger space to a cramped up hallway. You can also use frames in coordinating colors.

7. Darken Up the Hallway Walls

Dark is not always scary. It can be used to make a cramped up space appear divine. Yes, you can go all dark when decorating your hallways. But, be careful to select a dark color palette that doesn’t overwhelm the space, like, for example, dark tones of blue that soothe the eyes. Blue in darker tones can make a dull looking wall rather inviting to the eyes. Coordinate it with a white painted staircase.

8. Brighten Up with a Quirky Color Like Orange

Orange is the way to go if your hallway needs a bright makeover. But, it needs to be done cleverly so as not to overdo it and end up making the hallway look like a circus. How to go about it then? Well, choose orange textured or patterned wallpaper and plaster it on both the sides of the walls, then, use a matt finished orange paint to color the other parts of the wall. This will create a contrasted and coordinated look. Now, team it up with funky rugs in orange tribal prints and a piece of furniture, like a chair with velvety orange upholstery. You’re done!

9. Deck Up with Country-Inspired Accessories

If you love country-themed decor, then, you can think of decorating your bland hallway with something that is simple yet lends a chic touch to your interior. For a country-inspired decor, choose heavy curtains to hang, keep the walls neutral like white or cream and arrange rustic accessories like boots, rattan baskets, and rugs to keep the space looking warm and welcoming.

With these clever ideas, you will definitely make ‘the once dull’ hallway into a stylish look of your house. Choose wisely and see the difference. Bye!

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