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outdoor artificial trees and plants

From adding a vibrant splash of color and year-round interest in outdoor spaces to lifting the spirits and adding cheer to the setting in dark, cold weather conditions, outdoor artificial plants and trees can do it all. In fact, nothing will do it better than faux greenery. They will bring a lively, joyous vibe to your garden or outdoor landscaping project without any hassles. Faux plants and trees for exterior use are a special variety which will give you a pleasing, serene, and absolutely memorable outdoor space with no heavy upkeep. So, if you’re looking to create an outdoor landscape, opt for faux foliage as it will give you a pristine garden no matter how harsh the weather conditions are.

Using Faux Trees and Plants in Outdoor Landscape Projects

An appealing outdoor landscape invites people in. And some lovely, lively faux greenery is all it takes to create such a space. However, there are some which do not fare well when subject to extreme weather. For this, our team has come up with trees and plants crafted using our innovative technology which makes them fade resistant. We have a collection of faux trees and plants which can be used outdoors without worrying about color loss due to harsh sun, rain or snow. These decorative artificial outdoor plants UV protected to ensure that you have a refreshingly green, serene outdoor landscape season after season.

Popular Outdoor Artificial Trees and Plants for Commercial Spaces

Although there are thousands of varieties which you can choose from depending on your design scheme, landscape vision, and style preferences, here are some of our best and most popular outdoor artificial plants and trees.

  • Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Topiaries

    artificial boxwood topiaries Boxwood is an all-time favorite when it comes to landscaping. It has been featuring in gardens across our country since 16th century and is still going strong. And boxwood topiary is something which brings a classy and elegant feel to any space. We have a wide collection of outdoor artificial boxwood topiaries in a range of styles, shapes, sizes and varieties that will make any landscape so much fun and interesting. From Boxwood Ball Topiaries (Single Ball, Double Ball and Triple Ball) to Boxwood Square Column Topiaries, Boxwood Spiral Topiaries, Boxwood Cone Topiaries, Boxwood Pyramid Topiaries to Boxwood Triangular Topiaries, we have an incredible lineup of topiaries which will bring an immaculate, sophisticated look and feel to your setting.

  • Outdoor Artificial Flowering Plants

    artificial flowering treesOur collection of outdoor artificial flowering plants is one of the most appealing and attractive in the market. Combining rich green foliage with colorful flowers, these make for highly charming additions to any landscaping project. From Bougainvillea Flowering Trees to Azalea Flowering Trees, Apple Blossom Flowering Trees to Cherry Blossom Flowering Trees we have some of the most beautiful trees you will ever come across. A brilliant option to keep your outdoor space colorful and appealing season after season, our faux outdoor flowering plants will bring happy vibes to any space.

  • Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees 

    artificial palm treesIf you’re looking to bring a tropical vibe in your outdoor landscape or want to keep your garden cool and comfy, then our outdoor artificial Palm Trees collection is ideal for you. Most businesses from shopping malls to hotels, restaurants to corporate headquarters want to keep their landscaping project simple yet fun. And what better than our UV protected palm trees to do so? They’re so refreshing, full of flair and decorate any space without going over the top. Classy as always.

  • Outdoor Artificial Tall Trees 

    artificial tall treesOur collection of outdoor artificial Tall Trees are perfect for businesses looking to make a grand statement. We’re talking about trees that can go beyond 25 feet tall. These are some of the most amazing, visual masterpieces which will get noticed from far away. From tall faux potted Olive Trees to Palm Trees, Fruit Trees to Ficus Trees, we can create some of the largest artificial trees you will ever see in the neighborhood. These artificial trees will become the focal point of any landscaping project and will give you a memorable space.

  • Outdoor Artificial Plants 

    artificial plantsIf you’re on the lookout for soft, appealing and rejuvenating elements which will bring rich color, style and fun to the landscape, then our collection of outdoor artificial plants is just what you’re looking for. Every landscaping project needs supporting accents which bring flair and provide a nice, lively backdrop to the setting. And this is exactly why our faux plants are preferred. Some of our most popular ones include – Ferns, Ivy, Grass plants, Succulents, Pothos, Philodendrons and Sansevieria. No matter which one you opt for you are assured of a highly picturesque and inventive display.

  • Outdoor Artificial Hedges and Mats 

    artificial boxwood matFrom bringing privacy to the space to marking the boundary of the landscape, from providing a refreshing, calming backdrop in the setting to masking flaws in the space, there are multiple reasons which makes our collection of outdoor artificial hedges and mats an overwhelming favorite for businesses. These are some of the most functional and practical accents that will simply make your space livelier and better season after season. Our outdoor faux mats and hedges introduce a wonderful balance of interest and utility in the space and make a striking impact on the look and feel of any setting.

Buy your Favorite Artificial Exterior Plants and Trees

At Commercial Silk we have some of the most eye-catching and unique artificial plants and trees for outdoor use which will give you a special, memorable landscape without any fuss. These are UV protected faux trees and plants which won’t fade in extreme weather and will continue to impress everyone season after season. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or resources to keep your outdoor landscape fresh and pristine throughout the year. All it takes is our team and our product collection. They will help you update the look and feel of your mundane and tired garden in no time.