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Artificial Trees and Plants for Outside Use

Outdoor Artificial Plants and Trees

An outdoor landscape of a commercial space featuring colorful flowers and refreshing plants greeting you as you walk in will cheer you up, wouldn’t it? Or a barren landscape devoid of any color or charm will appeal to the masses? Obviously, the former. That’s the beauty of greenery. It welcomes you. It excites you. It makes any space feel special. But it’s also a lot of work to create such a flourishing landscape. And this is the reason most businesses opt for outdoor artificial flowers and plants. They create a beautiful display all-year round without any extensive efforts or costs. They also make a beautiful statement to the outside world and welcomes people in. If you’re looking to bring a refreshing jolt of color to your outdoor landscaping project, then outdoor-rated artificial plants and trees is the best way to go. 

However, not all faux greenery can be used outdoors. There are ones specially designed for outdoor usage. At Commercial Silk, we have foliage that is crafted using our innovative technology which makes our artificial plants and trees fade resistant. We have a collection of faux outdoor plants and trees which can be used outdoors without worrying about color loss due to harsh sun, wind, water, or snow. Using these accents assure you of a pristine, serene landscaping project season after season. So, before buying foliage just check with the retailer if it can be used outdoors. There are many such questions which the buyer needs to ask about artificial trees and plants for outdoor use. Below we have highlighted some of them which will help you keep your foliage serene and long-lasting. 

FAQs about Artificial Trees and Plants for Outside Use

Can you put fake plants outside?

Yes, you can definitely use fake plants and trees outdoors. However, not all artificial plants and trees are suited for outdoor use. Created from various materials including silk, plastic, and polyblends, there are certain foliage types which can withstand extreme weather conditions. As mentioned before, only the ones which are marked suitable for outdoor use can. These plants and trees make use of fade resistant technology which prevents them from losing color in outdoor areas. Outdoor artificial foliage can be used in exterior areas without worrying about color loss due to harsh sun, wind, water, and snow. 

If you aren’t able to locate your favorite flowers and plants which can be used outdoors, then you can use UV resistant spray to make them fade resistant. There are clear UV resistant sprays available in the market that are appropriate for use on artificial plant materials. Before using the spray on your faux plants and flowers, make sure that it is safe to spray on the material. 

How do you get dust out of silk flower arrangements?

If you’re using artificial flowers outdoors, then it is inevitable that after some time they will be covered in dust. And it is extremely important to clean the dust from time to time or else it will take the sheen of your flowers away. The easiest way to get dust out of faux flower centerpieces is by dusting it with the help of a soft-bristle paintbrush. You just need to gently brush each part of your arrangement from petals to leaves to stems until they’re clean. Make sure that you start cleaning from the top and work your way to the bottom of the flowering plants so that dirt does not fall on the parts you have already cleaned. 

Yet another way to clean artificial flowering plants is by blowing compressed air on them. It is easy, less time consuming method. Just ensure that you carry out the entire process outdoors as the dust blows everywhere and will make your space a dusty mess. 

Do artificial plants fade in the sun?

Yes, artificial plants do fade in the sun but only the ones which are crafted for indoor use. Contemporary fake outdoor plants like ours can resist fading till times to come as they make use of UV blocking technology with durable, colorfast pigments creating fade resistant foliage which can be used outdoors without any worry from extreme heat or downpour. 

How do you make fake flowers last outside?

Fake flowers for outdoors can give you a beautiful, welcoming space season after season without much hassle. But you need to follow some upkeep to ensure that they’re as new and attractive as the day when they arrived even if it has been a long time. Simply cleaning and dusting these outdoor artificial flowers regularly, placing them in a chic and durable plant container which will house them safely and not plucking or pulling any part will keep them as aesthetically pleasing as ever. 

Can you put fake flowers in the dishwasher?

You can clean your artificial flowers using easy methods such as dusting and blowing compressed air. However, if they’re heavily soiled and if they can withstand water, then you can wash them on the top rack without detergent subjecting them to a gentle cycle. A mild amount of water will wash away dust and grime. Before putting them in the dishwasher, it is highly recommended that you check the manufacturer’s instructions. Most of the faux flowers are not dishwasher friendly. It may not just harm your flowers but the dishwasher as well. 

Don’t Worry! Buy the Best Outdoor Artificial Plants and Trees

Buying outdoor artificial plants and trees for your commercial space is the best business decision you will make. They will greet all your clients, customers, and employees with a lively welcome every day, season after season. And if you’re looking for some best and unique ones to add to your landscaping project, then have a look at our outdoor artificial plants and trees for sale. No matter which one you opt for or no matter where you place them, they will catch the eye and give you stunning aesthetics till the time to come.