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How to Design a Modern Cool Office Space on a Budget

Are you looking for a modern workplace or a happier environment for your workforce? Balanced and comprehensive office design is your answer.

Even if your budget is restricted, you can still create that warm and inspiring office space. You need a bit of creativity and planning to get that fresh, innovative look to your workplace.

Let us now look into some fantastic ways to create an engaging and modern office space.

10 Brilliant Ways to Design Modern Office Space

Cool Bright Textiles

The adequate choice of textiles and the right color palette can really change the overall look of your office. You do not need to go to a fancy design store. You can just buy them online. Invest in some Turkish rugs or Jaipur bold color carpets. They are colorful and bring up the mood and feel of the space.

Bean bags are favorites, and they go well with every theme. Grass mats and carpets beautify and add color to the rooms.

Whiteboard for Office

They are essential, and every office needs one. Dry erase whiteboards are perfect for that brainstorming session or client representation. You can invest in some double-sided mobile erase board. They are portable and come with a magnetic surface for display of posters and operate as a bulletin board.

They are not inexpensive, but can really add value in the long run.

Light Up Your Space

Lighting is essential for your modern office space. Workers spend hours doing intricate work in the office. There should be adequate visual lighting in the rooms.

Nobody loves a dark and gloomy reception area. It is a vital part of any office. The reception area can have a combination of natural light and designer hanging lamps just to add to the aesthetic look.

Lighting in the conference room should be pleasing to the eye. Motion sensors and photosensors need to be installed in the office space so that it can be adjusted whenever necessary. There should be ample natural light in the rooms.

Invest in Corporate Art

Corporate art is very important. It captures the soul and personality of your organization. Your art speaks about your beliefs. But do not try to impose them with heavy inspirational messages and ideas.

You can buy some funny or quirky posters online and frame it on the walls. Your employees should understand that office space is not only about productivity and deadlines. They should feel relaxed and inspired. You can also print your favorite quote or a poem and make it more creative.

Keep It Clean

It may sound cliché, but nothing can beat the look of a neat and clean workplace. A tidy workplace radically boosts output. Get rid of those tangles of cords. Tape them and keep them organized.

It is best to avoid keeping bins at desks. Instead, encourage workers to carry and stash their own pile of rubbish in a secured separate place. Avoid clutter and keep things organized.

Artificial Greenery

Bring mother nature into your rooms. A hint of green can really enliven the space. Outdoor artificial fern plants can be put near the entrance to welcome your visitors.

An artificial cherry blossom silk flower arrangement can make excellent centerpieces for your reception table.

You can add floral charm to your office balcony or the patio by some tall gray colored planters. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The pink or cherry red azalea hanging bush comes in a variety of dimensions. They are easy to maintain, and their delicate persona enhances the interiors effortlessly.

The artificial bamboo thin leaf trees give look ethnic and almost real. They are UV protected and can be kept outdoors as well.


Graffiti is a modern art form, and it can have a tremendous visual impact on your clients and employees. It gives a unique identity and energizes the workplace.

Graffiti needs to be done intelligently. Choose one or two walls in prime areas of the office for your graffiti artwork. The colors should be used wisely so that it does not distract the employees. Graffiti will energize the young workforce of your office.

Indoor Water Fountains

Water fountains add peace and tranquility to the environment. In offices, it can bring a sense of balance and uniformity. If you have a smaller working space, tabletop fountains are highly recommended.

Custom waterfall fountains come in a see-through glass face and stainless-steel frames. They can be placed at the entranceway or behind the reception desk. The sounds and appearance of waterfalls are soothing and stress relieving.

Office Furniture

Your office furniture is not merely a decorative piece, but it should be functional as well. It is, however, important to do one-time investment in good quality furniture.

You can get those high-back executive chairs for your workers. They spend more than half the time of the day in the office. So, put emphasis on their comfort and make them feel homely at your office.

You do not want to clutter your office with those mounting piles of paper. A proper office should have enough filing cabinets for storage.

If you want to save money, you can look for auctions, surplus stores, or newspaper advertisements which sell used furniture. You can often get really good-quality furniture at affordable prices.

Best Office Space Color

Did you know that your office color has a direct impact on mood and workplace productivity?

Blue is considered an intellectual color and can be put in spaces that require high concentration and focus. Light green is a very soothing color, and it harmonizes and balances the atmosphere. It can be applied in places where people require to work for long hours.

Grey is a neutral color and looks sleek and classy. However, the color must be used prudently, or else might look dull and gloomy.


So, for all the entrepreneurs out there who want to invest in an upcoming venture or own start-up business. focus more on the flexibility of the working space. If you have a limited budget, always go for multifunctional furniture and fixtures. At the end of the day, it is important that your coworkers feel happy, relaxed, and comfortable in your office.