Buckler Fern Plant ID# FEB112+
Buckler Fern | Buckler Fern Plant ID# FEB112+
Buckler Fern Plant ID# FEB112+
Buckler Fern | Buckler Fern Plant ID# FEB112+
Buckler Fern Plant ID# FEB112+
Buckler Fern | Buckler Fern Plant ID# FEB112+
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Buckler Fern

ID# FEB112+

Our artificial Buckler fern plant, designed for outdoor use, is a wonderful replica of the native fern. Manufactured with premium grade UV projection to maximize its longevity, the silky Buckler fern, 12” to 14” high, is popular and for commercial projects of all shapes and sizes. This fern is beautiful on its own as shown in a pot or incorporated into larger commercial hanging baskets or large planters. All of our outdoor foliage and plants are built to each client’s specifications. See out the full fern selection for more options. Contact us today for custom options and pricing.
Our artificial Buckler Fern is sure to steal the show when hung from baskets to cascade out glamorously. Or you can easily use it to enhance the greenery and lushness of an island planter. These can also be arranged to cling to walls and seemingly climb up. This artificial Buckler fern is also ideal for a forest or moss garden theme! Needless to say, the authentic-looking leaves and true-to-nature bendy stems will go well with your existing foliage, whether real or faux.
We offer our faux Buckler Fern in PermaLeaf© materials, which makes your artificial Buckler Fern completely fade-proof. Enjoy the vibrant green of this fake Buckler Fern for years to come. Unlike other topical treatments that make fake plants UV-resistant for only a short amount of time, our PermaLeaf© technology gives the products inherent and superior UV resistance. It also gives them color fade resistance. Truly, the best in terms of outdoor durability.
If you think our faux Buckler Fern is not the right fit for your space, talk to us. We can suggest alternatives, or even customize our fake Buckler Ferns to suit your space specifically. At Plantscape Commercial Silk, our endeavor has always been to understand and match the specific requirements of our customers.

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Height 12"-14"
Foliage Plastic
permaleaf Available

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