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Living in a Small Space? Avoid These Mistakes

Living in a small space always pushes you to think about placing things in the right place. It is a challenging job to neither decorate nor furnish small space as it requires appropriate planning. Living in a small space requires imagination, care, and thought to turn the space into a trendy one. There are many options available to decorate interiors such as artificial plants, décor items, themed stuff, and more. Let’s run through mistakes to be avoided while living in a small space.

1. Painting the walls dark

It would make your interiors dark when the walls are painted dark. Hence opt for one side of the wall to be dark and add light color to another side of the walls. If you’re not interested in this plan, you can always choose a bright color for your interiors.

2. Not Placing things

Though you have a small space, you can always opt for artificial trees available in various sizes and place it in one corner. These plants provide you a natural look and make you feel refreshed with their natural look. You can follow a theme such as green and make use of artificial plants.

3. Not Permitting natural light

Natural light is considered as small space’s best partner. You can place mirrors on the walls that face natural light. This will help natural light to get reflected inside your home.

4. Unorganized place

While designing interiors, the biggest mistake designers make placing many small types of furniture. This style looks clumsy and provides an odd look for your small space. The best idea would be to place little furniture that holds a moderate look. This idea would go well with an extraordinary floor plan. By following this idea, your space looks much better, uncluttered, and provides enhanced functionality.

5. Failing to plan for storage

Storage is a mandatory parameter in any house and how you maximize it in a small space is very important. In a small place waste and vertical areas are to be used in a planned manner. This can be accomplished by using the wasted and vertical areas. It is always suggested to plan and make use of areas above, or behind doors and spaces high up can be used.

6. Do not follow the room’s perimeter

It is a usual trend to place furniture against the wall. In this way, individuals think that they gain maximum floor space in a small area. A good suggestion would be to place the furniture away from the wall so that the room gets an opportunity to breathe. In this way space also appears larger.

7. Bringing in too many things

A good idea to manage small space is to purchase only things that are mandatory. If you have a creative mind, you can plan for chic ideas. You can always plan for bedside tables that are foldable. Another way to manage small space is to make use of a stool to place magazines, remote control or table lamps. It would be a better idea to wall mount media accessories on the wall than placing them on the ground.

8. Not thinking about the complete space

In a small space, there would be no space to hang our towels, coat and other accessories. In such scenarios, you can think about using the spaces left unused in the house. Good planning is necessary to make the best use of the entire space.

9. Decreasing rug size

It is a general mentality to purchase small rugs for small spaces. The truth is that the room’s area is finalized by the size of the rug. When you purchase a large living room rug then, you will get a feel similar to a bigger room. Hence rug selection is also to be planned and executed.

10. Avoiding drapes

Certain people are minimalist and avoid the usage of drapes or decorative drapes in a small room. The fact is that the drapes are parameters that keep the individual’s eye up. By this way, the concentration on a small space and minimal square feet is avoided and makes space feel bigger.

11. Say no to close cabinets

It would be great to get rid of closed cabinets in the kitchen area in small spaces. When you plan for a closed cabinet, your kitchen will look stuffy and jam-packed. Also when everything is covered up, it doesn’t look trendy. Your kitchen would look brighter, airy, and perfect without closed cabinets.

12. Forgetting to use wall space

Some people think the wall is meant only for art, but remember walls are also a source of space. Wall mounted shelves can be installed and designed with fake flowers and fake ivy plants. This idea would make your interior look special and grand.

13. Going according to rules

Few theories and rules need to be followed when arranging and designing a small space. It would be a good idea to have multitasking furniture in a small space. It would also be trendy to have benches that have storage space. Rules and theories may not work for individual’s small spaces. In that way, you can always welcome suggestions and make use of creative ideas for your space.

14. Scared to think big

When you’re planning for arranging a small space, it isn’t necessary to think small all the time. Suppose space is tight, it would be great to think big. Many people think large things would overcrowd the room.

These are a few mistakes that individuals make when planning for small spaces. When such errors are avoided, and planning is made creatively, small areas look excellent and trendy. There are many stylish interiors such as artificial plants and leaves that make the small space look awesome. There are tons of ideas available online to make your small area look great and perfect. These tips mentioned above are ample to design and arrange your own space. Run through the points and make your small area look grand and lavish.

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