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Artificial trees are known for their incredible presence and aura and for their ability to make a stunning statement in indoor spaces. Apart from adding a mysterious vibe to the setting, large trees make a commercial project more welcoming and engaging. And the best part is that you can create a big impression in your space without worrying about maintaining the ideal conditions for their survival and other myriad caring requirements.

From creating a focal point to creating a refreshing backdrop, from introducing a splash of color to making a bold statement, there are lots of artificial indoor trees that you can consider based on your requirements. No matter what business you’re in or what size your space is, you will find artificial trees for indoor use that will set the perfect tone in your setting and give you a picturesque display. Below are some of the most unique and popular best artificial trees for indoors that will surely be the most exciting part of any interior design.

Black Olive Tree

Symbols of timeless Mediterranean beauty,  Black Olive trees are landscaping sweethearts. Bring home a faux potted olive tree, and enjoy the inimitable charms of its teardrop leaves. Place them on both sides of a door, or let your artificial olive tree own a corner in your bedroom. Artificial Black Olives are all prettiness and no mess. You don’t water them, you don’t prune them, you don’t fertilize them; you merely let them beautify your living space. It’s for a reason that the olive branch is a metaphor for peace; bring a potted faux Black Olive tree in your commercial space, and watch it work its magic.

Travelers Palm Tree

One of the most ornamental trees around, Travelers Palm Tree will bring a casual coziness and feel-good vibe to any setting. Featuring 14 long, fan-shaped leaves that are grouped symmetrically, this tree has a delightful leaf formation and will help you create a stunningly dreamy indoor space. Also known as Travelers Palm and Traveler’s Tree, these trees are designed after their namesake plant native to Madagascar and will bring a balmy, cool vibe to your setting season after season. If you’re looking to set a tropical mood in your space, then look no further than these Travelers Palm Tree. They will make a lofty impression.

Cherry Blossom Tree

There are very few trees that can match the elegance and magic of a Cherry Blossom Tree. A springtime beauty that will help you create a heart-warming space, these Cherry Blossom Trees with their adorable pink flowers will bring unmatched joy and verve to the setting. A lifelike replica of the adorable Cherry Blossom flowers found in Japan, these flowering trees will wow every onlooker and will give you a highly rejuvenating and bright space. The easiest way to create an endearing and graceful spot in any space, these Cherry Blossom Trees will be the prettiest part.

Sugar Maple Ceiling Tree

If you’re looking for an artificial indoor tree that is ideal for corner placement, then opt for this Sugar Maple Ceiling Tree. Known for its lively dark green foliage, this tree has a beautiful windswept look and is designed to cover your ceiling and lend delightful visual appeal and height to the setting. An excellent choice when it comes to introducing a fresh, vibrant look in the space, these Sugar Maple Ceiling Tiles will give you a breathtaking view with no maintenance.

Wisteria Trees

Some of the most spectacular flowering trees around, Wisteria brings incredibly picturesque views to any setting. This artificial indoor Wisteria Tree is a botanically accurate specimen that will bring plenty of style and joy to your space. With their adorable, rich cascades of long, lavender, or fuchsia flowers, these flowering trees are highly stately and graceful and will help you create the most eye-catching space. If you’re searching for a statement-making, playful tree that will grab the attention of every onlooker, then these artificial Wisteria Trees should be on top of your wishlist.

Flowering Dogwood Tree

Highly prized for its showy flowers, the Dogwood Tree is one of the most popular trees in the country. Featuring a stunning mix of delightful blooms and lush leaves, these trees make for a charming addition to any space. A great way to introduce the feel of spring to your commercial space, these Flowering Dogwood Trees will captivate everyone with their presence. Elements that will help create a jaw-dropping feel, these Dogwood Trees will bring a highly exciting vibe to the setting.

Fishtail Palm Tree

The foliage of Fishtail Palm Tree resembles the tail fin of an ornamental fish and hence the name. A pleasant, refreshing indoor palm variety that will make your space look clean and airy, these Fishtail Palm Trees will provide great visual interest to the setting. Known to add splendor and sophistication to any design scheme, Fishtail Palm Trees are quite dramatic and will greatly improve the curb appeal of your space.

Dracaena Marginata Tree

Commonly known as Dragon Trees, these are some of the most attractive trees known to craft an engaging indoor design scheme in no time. With their sword-like, shiny, arching leaves, Dracaena Marginata Trees look really exquisite in any indoor setting and make for a welcoming addition to space. If you’re planning to introduce an artificial indoor tree in your space that will give it a fun, cozy, and lighthearted look and feel, then look no further than this one.

Ficus Alii Tree

Native to southeastern Asia, India, and China, Ficus Alii Trees bring great joy and flair to any indoor setting. Long, narrow leaves that are glossy and tapering at the end, are highly dramatic trees that make a bold statement in any room they’re placed in. Elements that will be prime attention-getters in any design scheme, these Ficus Alii Trees will give you a delightfully comforting space in no time.

Heliconia Tree

There are very few trees that can match the elegance and style of Heliconia Trees. Place them in any room and watch them make it more interesting and lively. With their long, lush leaves, and stately appearance, these trees introduce an unmatched tropical vibe in the setting. Landscape elements that will freshen up your space and style it up in no time, these Heliconia Trees will give you an absolutely chic space without any fuss.

Weeping Cypress Tree

If you think that your space is blah and needs an injection of interest and drama, then you should definitely consider introducing these Weeping Cypress Trees in your space. A highly detailed and rugged trunk combined with needle-like foliage falling from the trunk, these indoor artificial trees are unique accents that will spark up your space in an instant. Landscape accents with loads of personality and warmth, these Weeping Cypress Trees are simply spectacular.