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Top 10 Tips to Decorate with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Well, folks, the wait is finally over. Pantone has recently come up with its color of the year, and it is Living Coral.

We are living in the age of social media and digitalization. Pantone has worked out this new color, keeping in mind human interaction with nature. It’s playful and has a soft palette and energizes our surroundings.

This new color looks fantastic and already has set a buzz in the fashion industry.

Coral is a soft color and brings out the vibrancy of the color orange and the softness of pink. The color is enriching and unique in every possible way.

So, how do you incorporate this color into your décor? Let us find out some easy ways to add Living Coral to your décor.

For your Windows and Doors

If you are a cafeteria owner or own a boutique, the front exterior door painted in Coral will be delightful to watch.

The Living Coral looks cheerful and is different from the natural hue of the pastel pink. You can match the side walls or fabrics of your boutique to complement the color of your front door.

Some artificial tabletop Phalaenopsis white orchids with shells and succulents on the corner table will brighten up the coral color.

Add Different Layers of Colors to your Walls

The Living Coral color is multidimensional, and it can work wonders with varying tones of colors.

It is a natural shade color, and it can blend with any neutral or earthy color. It can be used in contrast with other colors like gray, green, and blue.

Why not use some artificial cactus green plant. The green foliage comes in a plastic pot base and will be perfect for that coral background wall.

A beautifully painted coral wall will accentuate the whole atmosphere. Choose a focal point and paint that wall. Add some beautiful artwork. It will definitely stand out.

Coral patterned wallpapers

Coral peel and stick wallpapers come in beautiful patterns and prints. They add natural charm and are excellent for indoor decorations.

They come in floral prints or leaf trails and look stunning. The coral shaded wallpapers are perfect for restaurants, lounges, and boutiques.

They look classic and are flattering to the eyes. Some artificial green cactus succulents will fit in beautifully with the coral backdrop. The stylish faux foliage is perfect for living areas and will look incredibly striking.

Coral Towel and Shower Curtains

Gone are the days of spotless clean white towels. They collect stain and are quite outdated. You can brighten up your bathrooms with the new range of coral shower curtains and towels.

Coral is a neutral color, and it will go well with any accessory and color scheme. The color will go very well with pristine white bathtub or washroom fittings. The color looks bold yet looks effortlessly easy and warm to the eyes.

Coral Cushions

The sitting area should look warm and inviting to your clients and guests. Some patterned coral colored pillows will do the trick.

The coral color looks bold, especially in contrast to a neutral palette. Go for some abstract patterns for your beige or white couch. A chic velvet finish coral soft cushion will make quite a statement for your office space.

You can also put some Artificial Moss Ball assorted faux flower arrangements on the side table just beside your couch.

Coral Corner Lamps

Are you looking forward to adding some fun and optimism to your office space? A handcrafted coral lamp with a lovely metal neck just beside the corner table will liven up space.

The living coral is a light color. It is bound to boost up your mood. It is a great way to convert even the dullest office space into a more interactive one.

In addition to that, put some artificial tabletop rose and silk flower arrangements. It comes in a glass vase and looks delightful for any commercial space.

Coral Color Art

Why not use some fascinating coral artwork and draw some attention to your walls? Gone are the days of traditional wall paintings and photographs of sceneries and flowers.

Coral color abstract paintings will jazz up any office space. An acrylic pour painting with coral, vivid pinks and light green can do wonders to your office walls. You can also try some coral paintings in different geometrical shapes.

A contemporary canvas art just behind a plush white couch will look spectacular and radiant.

A Coral Rug

Why not try something new and adventurous? The coral color is multidimensional. The designers have been very thoughtful while creating this color. It will go well with any furnishing or room decor.

A floral printed rug will accentuate your living area space. A beautiful rug with coral accents and vivid reef designs will definitely be a stunner for any indoor space. It can be placed at the entrance or the reception area. The feminine color looks fresh and will put a smile every time you walk in through the entrance door.

Coral Stool

A coral-colored garden stool will bring harmony and balance to your outdoor patio or front space.

Curved back adjustable coral magenta bar stools are comfortable as well as beautiful to look at. The unique color looks way better than traditional black stools. They lighten up the place and also look appealing against any background color.

Coral Glassware

You have opened a new restaurant and want to look creative and unconventional. Coral glassware will warm up your kitchen shelves.

Coral teacups and bowls look appealing especially to break the monotony of coffees shops.

An oval coral and gold ceramic dish will look exclusive for salad dressings.


Coral comes in multiple variations, and the shade is subtle and unique. The best part of the color is that it complements other color schemes even greys.

The color has been so designed that it will accentuate any accessory, furniture, or living space.

Pantone has genuinely created an effervescent color that has captured our imagination and is going to set some significant global trends in the future.