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Excelsior Rectangle ID# XEXR141636

Excelsior Rectangle
Excelsior Rectangle
Excelsior-rectangle L
Excelsior Rectangle
Excelsior Rectangle Collection (Shown in Silver)
Excelsior rectangle collection (Shown in silver)
38 Finishes
38 finishes
Excelsior Rectangle Sizes
Excelsior rectangle sizes
Excelsior Rectangle Planter (Gunmetal)
Excelsior rectangle planter (Gunmetal)
Decorative Floor Rectangle Planter (Burnished  Steel)
Decorative floor rectangle planter (Burnished steel)
Excelsior Rectangle Plant Container (Burnished  Steel)
Excelsior rectangle plant container (Burnished steel)
Interior Excelsior Rectangle Planter (Silver)
Interior excelsior rectangle planter (Silver)
Excelsior Rectangle Plant Container (Wheat)
Excelsior rectangle plant container (Wheat)
Large Excelsior Rectangle Floor Planter (Copper)
Large excelsior rectangle floor planter (Copper)
Excelsior-rectangle L
Collection excelsior-rectangle L
finishes L
sizes-excelsior-rectangle L
Excelsior-rect-gunmetal L
Excelsior-rect-brnshed-steel2 L
Excelsior-rect-brnshed-steel L
Excelsior-rect-silver L
Excelsior-rect-wheat L
Excelsior-rect-copper L

For a cool sense of style with the added benefit of sensibility, consider our Excelsior Rectangle Planter collection. Planters are much more than supporting actors in your design scene! They add shapes, visual depth and height, colors and of course functionality. Our Excelsior Rectangle Planters combine utility and beauty, while in turn blending seamlessly into your landscape, indoors or outdoors. Available in 6 sizes and 38 standard finishes, you can be assured that our Rectangular Planter will be just the right fit for your space. Whether you’re creating an indoor or outdoor landscape, our planters add style and provide durability. Excelsior Rectangle Planters will help craft your desired look!


  • Starting dimensions range from 16"-36"
  • Available in 38 standard finishes
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