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Preserved Boxwood Pyramid Ball Topiary

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Preserved Boxwood Pyramid Ball Topiary
1086 2

Boxwoods are commonly used for hedges and topiary designs throughout the world, as the dense and lush foliage lends itself well to design. Using our preserved foliage, you get the benefit of real boxwood leaves, crafted into a small topiary ball with a pyramid on top for a custom garden look and feel. This charming, fun and eye-catching manicured bundle of boxwood leaves can be set in a complementary planter to showcase the design, or pair with other topiaries arrangements for visual appeal! From traditional to modern, casual to formal, this Boxwood Pyramid Ball will fit in beautifully in any setting and will add authentic natural elements to your environment with minimal care.


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For all their vibrancy and beauty, topiaries can be surprisingly divisive. Some business owners think that they are too bold and whimsical whereas many of them think that they are the perfect ingredients for an interesting and charming landscape. Although some are doubtful, no one can deny the wonderful impact and character a well-shaped topiary can bring to a commercial landscape. As many people absolutely love topiaries which are stand-out and bring a distinct personality to the setting, they are popping all over business spaces, from the interior to exterior to themes. No matter what you think, topiaries, undoubtedly, transform a landscape with their stately form and refreshing color and texture. And if you’re looking to add these fabulous design elements in your commercial landscape, then we have something perfect for your plans – our Preserved Boxwood Pyramid Ball Topiary.

A great way to bring an immaculate look and feel to your business space, these Preserved Boxwood Pyramid Ball Topiaries will be an inspirational presence in your landscape and will cheer it up. Perfectly suited to a number of commercial spaces including offices, retail and hospitality spaces, healthcare and senior living facilities, exhibitions, trade shows, theme parks, pool areas, lobbies, atriums, reception areas and almost any space which can do with some spark, these faux topiaries will introduce your consumers to a modern world of style. If you’re looking to create an interior space which makes you feel happier, energetic and positive, then this silk Boxwood Pyramid Ball Topiary collection is exactly what you need. They will add a different dimension to your setting and upgrade it without any hassles or high costs.