Artificial Privet Hedge Topiary
Artificial Privet Hedge Topiary
Artificial Privet Hedge Topiary
Artificial Privet Hedge Topiary

Artificial Privet Hedge Topiary


Would you like to add the structure of a formal hedge while maintaining a natural appearance? The Privet Topiary Hedge, measuring 24” H x 12” W x 48” L, has the natural-looking edge of new growth without having to manicure or maintain the shape or trim any branches. Featuring a dense grouping of green foliage arranged neatly to provide your commercial space with separation and directional dimension, our artificial Privet Boxwood Hedge Topiary will combine beauty and utility from the moment of installation. Quality materials, available in additional sizes, and versatile placement make this a popular artificial hedge choice for our clients.
Privet hedges serve a lot of purposes. They act as dividers. They help to create smaller, enclosed spaces inside larger areas. Or they can simply act as decorative items. The artificial privet hedge topiary plants from Plantscape Commercial Silk do this and more. Being artificial, they don’t need the extensive maintenance and pruning that their natural counterparts do. Dusting and periodical cleaning with plain water is all that you need to ensure the fake privet hedge topiary plants look fresh year-round.
We use the best quality polyester for manufacturing the foliage of our faux privet hedge topiary. This makes the plants look as authentic as the natural ones. It also ensures that the plants last long and maintain their beautiful looks for a long time. Available in various sizes, it allows you the flexibility of customizations as per your needs. Plantscape Commercial Silk’s fake privet hedge topiary plants are a must for your property’s decoration purposes.
The raw materials used for manufacturing our artificial privet hedge topiary are infused with fire-retardant chemicals at the very outset, thanks to our Thermaleaf® technology. This makes the faux privet hedge topiary fire-resistant. And this also takes care of your fire safety-related worries for the plant. Contact us today and let us demonstrate how these plants can create a winning proposition for your commercial property’s décor.

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