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5 Artificial Plant Categories For Open Cafes

Greenery is the face of an open cafe. Yes, it may be a cliche decor idea at this point. But the fact remains that when a restaurant is open-air, it needs greenery. The hassle-free way to add greenery is by using artificial plants. 

Faux plants don’t need water, soil, or care. You don’t need to worry about trimming back ivies or pruning dry leaves. 

An open cafe is a blank canvas and pretty much any artificial plant looks good on this canvas. But be deliberate about your cafe design with faux plants. This way, you can achieve both form and function with your decor. 

5 Types Of Faux Plants For Your Cafe


If you like colorful flowers, you might not be excited about ferns. But the simple beauty of these leafy plants knows no bounds. Ferns have a vascular structure with leaves called fronds. A juvenile leaf, called a fiddlehead, is coiled and looks like a snail.


Ferns do not produce flowers, but one of their major uses is as an ornamental plant. A fern’s wispy anatomy makes it essential for avant-garde cafe decor. Ferns grow slowly. Some species take years to reach their full size. But you won’t have to wait that long if you use an artificial outdoor plant.

CommercialSilk makes faux versions of several species of realistic ferns. The possible applications of the plants are endless. Ferns look good as accent plants in a centerpiece. You can get hanging fern baskets, fern branches, foliage, or full-sized fern trees. 


A flower contains the male and female reproductive organs of a plant. The reason it looks so strikingly beautiful (in most plants) is to attract bees. Most flowers have one or more petals and are the colorful part of the anatomy. 


Most flowers have growing seasons and bloom only in that period. This could be once in a year or even once in many years. But if you’re putting flowers in your cafe, won’t it be ideal if it always stays in bloom? Though this isn’t possible with real flowers, it is with realistic-looking fake plants. 

For thousands of cafe owners in the USA, Commercial Silk is the best place to buy artificial plants. The applications of flowers in interior decoration are endless. Some cafes base their whole theme around flowers.

A classy, ageless design technique is to use flowers as a table’s centerpiece. A floral archway to the entrance of the dining area is another popular use of flowers. This will give your diners the perfect photo op.

Our one tip when using flowers in an open cafe is to not mix too many colors. Pick a color palette and stick to it. Otherwise, the cacophony of colors can become overwhelming. 


Any plant that climbs or crawls is called a vine. Vines are broadly classified into woody vines (bittersweet nightshade, clematis) and herbaceous vine (daisy, peonies). Many species of vines are flowering plants, but there are some that grow only leaves. 


The growing pattern of the vines can be taken advantage of in interior design. Plain pillars and chair legs in your cafe are boring. But having a vine twisted around its length gives it a unique touch. The problem with real vines is that unless you cut them back, they can become invasive. But by using artificial vines outdoors, you can avoid the maintenance time. 

A pergola over the tables of your open cafe serves multiple purposes. It is a stunning design element. But more importantly, it offers shade to your diners. Though it will look good by itself, having an artificial vine draped over the rafters takes it up a notch. Here, you can use a combination of vines and ferns to increase the textural element. 

Draping the artificial vines over light fixtures is another way to incorporate the vines. This will give your cafe a moody vibe because the light is partially blocked. 


Shrubs are perennial woody plants that people use extensively in landscape designs. Any park you go to will have shrubbery. Unlike trees, shrubs have more dense branches. Because of this, you can easily cut shrubs into distinctive patterns. In the design world, one of the main purposes of shrubs is to mark distinct areas. For example, if you want to separate a walkway from a dining area, then you can line it with shrubs. 


Shrubs help to add a textural element into a design, but it usually takes up a lot of space. So use it sparingly in your outdoor cafe. You can customize our large artificial outdoor plants to a size that suits your cafe. 

Large shrubs and bushes also help to provide shade in open areas. So if you don’t want pergolas in your cafe, you can add a hedge instead. 


Recently, succulents are designers’ favorite plants. Succulents have fleshy leaves that are meant to resist drought conditions. But the unique leaf shapes and spines grab attention. Most succulents are green, but when exposed to varying sun, water, and temperature conditions, the leaves change colors. It can change into colors like black, blue, red, and pink.


Orchestrating the right conditions for getting different colored leaves is difficult. It also causes stress on the plant. But one way to include multi-colored succulents in your design is by using faux plants. With no additional effort from you or unnecessary stress on the plant, you can get colorful faux succulents from us. 

In a cafe, you can use this plant to build a succulent wall or a succulent terrarium centerpiece. Because the plant is so unique, incorporating succulents in a cafe will never get old. 

If you don’t have a particularly green thumb, artificial plants are the best of both worlds. You can include a realistic touch of greenery in your cafe that doesn’t need additional maintenance efforts.