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Rooftop Restaurant Decor Ideas

What’s a surefire way to bolster your rooftop restaurant’s style, make the place more welcoming, the dining experience unforgettable? The answer is artificial green plants. Tough, versatile, and weather-resistant, artificial plants are amazingly easy to incorporate into open-air architecture. They bring lasting beauty, infinite design possibilities and can also serve as a structural element—as overhead cover, dividers, borders, and more.

6 Breathtaking rooftop décor ideas involving artificial green plants


An overhead cover is always a good idea for rooftop restaurants, especially in locations where it gets too warm during the day. Green pergolas can serve as the perfect partial cover. You can have individual pergolas covering different sections of the dining area or have one giant pergola cover it all. 

Artificial vines such as Jasmine and Ivy are perfect for covering rooftop pergolas. They’re great for creating the effect of being surrounded by nature. You can create the right amount of shade for every part of the floor simply by adjusting the number of vines overhead. 

With the right volume of artificial green plants, you can treat your guests to warming sunlight on bright days, delightful sprinkles on the rainy ones. At night, the green foliage will allow them a nice view of the starry skies.


Artificial green walls are a stunning addition to rooftop restaurants. You can use artificial green wall panels in a particular wall to draw eyes towards the restaurant logo, menu, or other important notifications. You can alternately entirely cover one or more walls to uniformly include natural color and texture around the place.

plant wall

Artificial foliage plants such as Boxwood, Cypress, and grasses are all fabulous choices for plant walls. Their striking, glossy foliage remains attractive day and night. They also go well with virtually every background color. Large leaf Boxwood and artificial Ivy walls are ideal for creating more distinctive visuals. For areas that can do with more color, pick a faux flowering plant such as Azalea. 

An artificial living wall can be used in a variety of ways—as borders, along with entry points and walkways, and for dividing different sections of the restaurant. 


A full-sized tree in the middle of the dining area or several of them in the balcony will turn heads without fail. Both kids and adults will love to have their pictures taken with them. Given the popularity of Instagram, your artificial trees can easily become your restaurant’s most recognizable feature. 

Faux trees such as Maple, Oak, and Palm are some of the best, most attractive choices for the center of the dining area. If you’re looking for something less ordinary and more vibrant, go with an ornamental fruit tree such as Apple or Orange. When it comes to the balcony area, you can’t go wrong with Artificial Palm and Pine trees.

faux trees

If your central artificial tree is over 10 feet tall, a widespread with branches sprawling over the guests’ heads will look fantastic. You can also have more than one tree at the focal point. 2-3 similar, medium-sized trees placed close together can create a great selfie spot. You can use artificial potted plants such as Snake Grass to create a green border for your trees.


Artificial topiary plants and trees can be used for structural, décor, and branding purposes. Customized topiary is great for creating natural-looking edging and providing separation between different sections. These can be made into virtually every shape—from spirals and globes to real-world and fantasy animal forms.

Topiary spirals and globes can be used to beautify any location—from the order counter and entryways to the center of the dining area. Looking to create a kids-centric section in your restaurant, a topiary dragon or superhero will be an immediate hit. 

You can also customize topiary plants and trees into particular symbols and alphabet for brand display. Boxwood, Cedar, and Ivy are some of the most popular and ideal artificial green plants for topiaries. If you’re interested in more vibrant topiaries, try an artificial flowering plant such as Azalea.


Too many walls can look too commonplace. Replacing a few or most with green fences can make a marked difference to your restaurant’s look and feel. High fences covered with artificial plants are perfect for the border areas. They can create the desired level of privacy while still looking fabulous from the other side.

green fences

Shorter picket fences are perfect for segregating the different sections of your restaurant. A short faux ivy fence, for instance, will look wonderful along the walkways and at the sides of the staircases. It’ll also look stunning at the nooks of individual dining sections.

English Ivy, Pothos, and Grape Ivy plants are some of the most beautiful and fitting choices for adorning fences. If you feel the need for more color, go with Jasmine or Azalea vines. 


Artificial plants in hanging baskets can be used to beautify every part of your restaurant—from the entryway and the order counter to the sides of the seating area. If you have an overhead pergola, you can hang artificial plant baskets over the walking area and above individual dining tables. 

Trailing and English Ivy, Asparagus fern, and Sprengeri vine are some of the most attractive artificial plants for hanging baskets. If you want to include more color, try Bougainvillea, Ribbon grass, Jasmine, or Azalea. When it comes to designing a rooftop restaurant that stands out and delivers a memorable dining experience, artificial green plants are simply irreplaceable. Take your time, identify the right artificial plant for your place’s design needs, and you’ll soon be grabbing more eyeballs, doing more business than ever.