Artificial English Ivy Hedge Wall Outdoor
Artificial English Ivy Hedge Wall Outdoor
Artificial English Ivy Hedge Wall Outdoor
Artificial English Ivy Hedge Wall Outdoor

Artificial English Ivy Hedge Wall Outdoor


English Ivy is a very popular climbing vine used to add greenery and texture to buildings, fencing, architectural features, and more. The artificial English Ivy hedge will add character to your landscape immediately, adding privacy and tons of texture to your landscape design. Handcrafted with finely detailed green, multi-toned leaves, you can use our lifelike and botanically accurate fake ivy wall in many ways to reduce visibility and create privacy. Add texture and color to a neutral palette, or cover areas that do not blend with your design. Lush and full, we create faux ivy walls in sizes 4’ to 16’ and custom orders are welcome. Talk with one of our design consultants on how to best install a faux ivy fence. Long-lasting and durable, UV and weather resistant, you will enjoy this for years!
We spare no pains to create immaculate products for you. And our faux English Ivy hedge plant is no exception. Painstakingly handcrafted with the finest quality plastic for the foliage, the lush green artificial English Ivy hedges from Plantscape Commercial Silk are completely lifelike. They come in various sizes as per the clients’ requirements. So, irrespective of the dimensions of the intended area for installing the plants, the fake English Ivy hedge plants from Plantscape Commercial Silk would do a perfect job of it.
Suitable as fences, dividers, or coverings for unsightly walls, the artificial English Ivy hedges come without any hassles that their natural counterparts would have brought with them. So, you won’t need to bother about shed leaves or about regular watering of the plants. Or about those irksome insects. The fake English Ivy hedge plants need some basic cleaning from time to time to continue looking fresh.
Also, the faux English Ivy hedge plants come armed with our exclusive Permaleaf® technology. This makes the plants resistant to hazardous weather and also the UV rays. So, you can place them anywhere in your commercial property’s premises without worrying about whether the plants would survive the weather conditions. Contact us to know more about installing the fake English Ivy hedge plants in your property.

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