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8 Floor Plants for Themed Restaurants

Large faux plants are a regular fixture of theme restaurants. It’s not hard to figure out why—they don’t make any mess, need virtually no upkeep, and are quite easy on the eye. Their recreation of natural color and beauty fashions that warm, welcoming ambiance every restaurant strives for. Research has also revealed that their presence can turn a regular restaurant into a restorative environment. 

The diners will remember the rejuvenating experience, will likely revisit and recommend the restaurant to others—success all around. One large artificial plant can cover plenty of space, taking away the need for multiple décor items. Large faux outdoor plants are highly versatile too. No matter what your restaurant’s theme may be—classic board game, karaoke, or wilderness—a large artificial plant will fit right in. 

There’s a wide variety of faux plants available today, including fake tropical plants and fake exotic plants designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The following are the best artificial plants for decorating theme restaurants:

8 Best faux plants for your theme restaurant

1. Azalea

Artificial azalea plants can be used in multiple ways—in decorative pots and hanging baskets, as a hanging plant, artificial plant wall, or topiary. The funnel shaped flowers come in a number of bright, eye-catchy colors, including pink, red, and cream. 

Faux azaleas suit varied restaurant themes. You can use the “flower ball” form for themes that call for clean, clear-cut shapes. Hanging azalea plants will work well with a more fluid, unkempt theme. Azalea topiaries are typically over 5 feet tall, an excellent décor item for both indoor and outdoor dining restaurants. 

2. Ornamental fruit trees

An ornamental fruit tree will draw attention no matter where it’s located. Artificial fruit trees such as apples and oranges can be 4-26 feet tall. If you’re looking for something smaller, a lemon tree, typically 4-12 feet tall, is a handsome choice.

ornamental fruit trees

The trees’ stature and the bright, inviting fruit makes them a wonderful addition to restaurants with a natural and kids-friendly theme. A single fruit tree can serve as a focal point for a small garden scene. Several of them, placed at the corners, can help create a wilder, jungle theme. 

3. Bonsai

Artificial bonsai trees can be used in theme restaurants with both indoor and outdoor dining areas. You can choose from a wide array of varieties—from indoor and small replica bonsai that stand 2-8 feet to large, over 10 feet tall faux bonsai. 

Artificial bonsai trees are perfect for restaurants with a Zen or artistic theme. They can be used as a mantlepiece, on shelves as well as the focal point. Something like a Japanese bonsai tree or a Ming Aralia bonsai will be a great inclusion to restaurants that serve Oriental or Asian cuisines.

4. Boxwood

The lush, cheery boxwood bushes are excellent as an accent, hedge, and in topiaries. Potted artificial boxwood can be up to 8 feet tall, ideal for indoor décor in nature-themed restaurants. Boxwood topiary columns can be customized into desirable shapes for use as accents and at entry points.

Boxwood bushes

Boxwood hedges are a wonderful addition to restaurants with outdoor dining areas. Small hedges will look great circling individual seating spaces. They will also give the diners the impression of having a “personal space” for themselves. If you’re looking to include faux boxwood plants in open areas, opt for plants made from weather and UV-resistant materials.

5. Egyptian grass

Egyptian grass is a tall, flamboyant plant perfect for luxury diners and restaurants with royal, fantasy, and mythological themes. Also known as King Tut Grass, this graceful plant has multiple straight canes with feathery foliage at the top ends. Faux Egyptian grass plants can be up to 6 feet tall.

king tut grass

You can combine these large faux plants with other grasses, use potted plants as accents, or under bamboo, palm, and other tall trees. Egyptian grass also looks stunning surrounded by colorful low-growing flowering plants in a wide container. 

6. Fountain grass

This lovely ornamental grass with cascading lush green foliage is quite versatile. It can be used as a natural looking border to shape and divide different sections of the restaurant. It can also be used in pots as an accent piece, at entry points, and along pathways in outdoor restaurants.

Artificial fountain grass plants are typically up to 3 feet tall. Potted plants can reach up to 6 feet, tall enough to be used as a privacy screen. They can also serve as a semi-private divider to separate different sections of the restaurant. 

7. English Ivy

English Ivy is an attractive climbing plant with multicolor green and cream foliage. English Ivy can be used as a hedge or a customized topiary column. You can also use it to build a faux ivy fence or faux plant wall for creating privacy or hiding unsightly spaces. 

English Ivy mats or wall panels are an easy way of including more natural colors to your space. You can use these to cover entire walls or select sections. This makes English Ivy ideal for restaurant themes that require a little green, as also for those that call for a lot of it. 

8. Magnolia

Faux Magnolia is commonly available as a magnificent 5 feet tall plant and as a towering 26 feet tall tree. And then there’s the beautiful 4-10 feet tall Magnolia topiary tree. Doesn’t matter what size of the area you need to be covered—small, medium, or large—there’s a faux Magnolia for every site.

Magnolia’s glossy, dark green leaves and vibrant bowl-shaped flowers make it a welcome addition to restaurants with varied themes. The full-sized ornamental tree will do particularly well in restaurants that have a fantasy or magical theme.  

There you have it—some of the best large faux plants for your theme restaurant. Identify the ones that best suit your place’s theme, find them their fitting spots and they’ll add several notches to your restaurant’s appeal.