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8 Landscaping Ideas With Palm Trees

The towering palm tree is one of the most popular additions to landscape designs. It helps to provide a vertical element in a garden. 

A common misconception is that palms only grow in hot, tropical climates. But a fair few species of palms can actually withstand cold climates. But the advantage of using faux palm trees is that you can put any species in any climate. 

Any beach vacation you go to, you will be invited by rows of palm trees. Because of this, palm trees have become a symbol of paradise and relaxation. Here are some ways to bring a sense of paradise into your landscape design. 

Palm tree clusters

Many species of palm trees grow in clusters in nature. You can replicate that in your landscape design. For an aesthetic touch, combine multiple species of palm trees together. Make sure they vary in size.  

You can head to Plantscape Commercial Silk to find fake palm trees for sale. We carry a large selection of faux palm species that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Palm clusters are the perfect way to convey the feeling of relaxation in resorts. They are also a good way to fill up large garden spaces. 

Line the borders with palms

A median strip lined with palm trees is a popular sight in coastal cities. The striking and erect nature of palm trees makes them suitable to line pathways. 

palm tree border

Coconut or other large species of palms are usually used to form a boundary on large roads. But if the pathway is small or if you’re worried about root damage, then you can opt for smaller palm species. 

Some species of palms have unique 3-D textured trunks, like the Date Palm tree. These textured trees are popularly used to form borders. You can supplement the plant fence with fake bamboo plants. This combination helps to seclude an area and provide privacy. 

Palm tree as an accent 

If you’re looking for a focal point in your landscape design, then a palm tree is the best option. The tall trunk and the fronds work well to grab attention.

If you’re planting a single palm tree, then you can go with a species like the Cycas palm tree. This has a stout trunk that will look unique amongst a sea of shrubs.

Potted Palm trees

Or, you can install a raised planter and get an artificial giant Kentia Palm. This tree looks great when paired with artificial hanging plants outdoor. The contrast between the foliage and structure will act as a good focal point. 

Shaded nooks with palm trees

It’s no secret that palm trees are some of the best to offer shade. Your artificial trees can have a functional element as well. A tall and bowed tree, like a curved Coconut Palm tree, is the best species for this.

Artificial palm trees

The natural curve of the tree, which is replicated in our realistic fake plants makes the perfect border. The fronds form a canopy that offers shade. You can plant the trees in a semi-circular shape and add a seating area in the middle. The trees also help to seclude the area. This type of seating spot is especially popular in resorts. 

Pool island with palms

Infinity pools have become a thing of the past. The current trend in pool design is to have an island in the middle. Most islands have a seating area or a slide to enter into the pool. You can line the island with palm trees to bring greenery into the design. 

Another way to design a pool island is by placing multiple islands with a single tree on the island. This becomes a planter in the middle of your pool. This style is suitable for smaller pools. The palm islands will give shade to swimmers. So this is a good functional element as well. 

Spotlight dining area with palm trees 

An outdoor restaurant needs greenery. But small shrubs may take up too much floor space. The best way to bring greenery into an outdoor dining area is with palm trees.

The trees are imposing enough that you don’t need to plant too many trees. Artificial palm trees also won’t have disruptive root systems. So you don’t need to worry about the floor becoming uneven.

Large Artificial Palm trees

A good decorative touch is to put spotlights underneath the palms. This will provide lighting to the diners when it gets dark. It will also help to accent the palm trees. 

Miniature palms in planters 

Yes, there are miniature trees that grow only 3 feet tall. These species, like the Pygmy Date Palm or dwarf Palmetto, look good in small gardens. You can dot your garden space with these palm trees in planters.

These trees will help to demarcate seating areas in your commercial garden. You can also use them as the anchor point to other garden fixtures like fountains.

faux palm trees

Planters also help to contain the roots of real palm trees. This will help prevent damage to nearby structures. 

Introduce colors with palm trees

Most species of palm trees have green foliage and brown trunk. If you want your guests to look up in wonder, then you can include palm species like Bismarck Palm. These trees have silver-pale blue colored fronds. This breaks the monotony of green in your garden. 

Another species called the Mazari palm is a short tree that has bright blue leaves. These can be included as accent trees in your garden. 

There are other palm species that have bright orange, magenta, and red leaves. 

The toughest part of landscaping with palm trees is knowing when to stop. They always enhance the look of your garden. What’s better, they also have many practical applications. 

The easiest way to get started with palm tree landscaping is with faux palm trees. You won’t have to worry about the immaculate care that some species need.