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Artificial Boxwood Hedges for Outdoors

Boxwood has been a staple in landscaping for centuries. Be it the formal hedges of Egypt or the gardens of ancient Rome and Italy. 

But they’re not an option limited to the ancient world anymore. The popularity of boxwood hedges for commercial use has grown year after year. But, you should know that natural boxwood loses its shape over time if not maintained well. Without regular trimmings and disease checks, real hedges can have a fading life span. 

Are you looking to invest in a long-term addition to your commercial landscaping? Then, artificial boxwood hedges are the right fit for you.

The different functions of artificial hedge walls might surprise you. Apart from decorative purposes, they can bolster privacy, create soundproofing systems, extend fences. And so much more.

fake boxwood hedges

Wondering why you should choose fake boxwood hedges for your business? Check out a list of 7 reasons below. 

Artificial Boxwood Hedges Reduce Noise

Businesses come with a list of noises. Including unwanted noise that can affect workplace productivity. Are you annoyed by the constant buzz of the AC or the loud traffic on the nearby freeway? Fake boxwood walls are your savior.

Their thick volume allows the fake hedge walls to work as sound barriers, especially in areas prone to echoes. Thus, bringing back tranquility to your internal environment. 

If built correctly, they can even act as windbreaks. And protect areas from sudden, harsh winds.

They Need Zero Effort 

Natural hedges often endure sun damage and turn brown if not maintained. Fake hedge walls come with UV protection and can survive even the toughest seasons.

Unlike their natural counterparts, they don’t shed or need intense watering and fertilizing, making them the easier choice. They keep their green foliage throughout the year. No need for any checks or maintenance. 

Not only will these hedges last a long time, but they are also an instant fix for any landscape. Real shrubs take five years to grow. With artificial shrubs, you can have your office space look brand new in little to no time. So you no longer have to wait years for your workspace to look beautiful. 

They are the perfect foliage to create a life-like outdoor or indoor hedge wall. And with no risk of ruins whatsoever. 

They Help Enhance Your Privacy

In business, privacy is of utmost importance. Be it the spread of frivolous office gossip or a confidential meeting. The hindrance of one’s private space or work can be detrimental to the business itself. To prevent such an instance, you need fake shrub walls in your landscape.

artificial boxwood hedges

You can prune these shrubs to cover entire cubicles. Or extend pre-existing walls to create a larger boundary. Partitions and over-the-wall fences are similar ways to enclose your space from the outside eye. 

Add Aesthetic Appeal

Above all, artificial hedge plants are well-known for giving a lush charm of greenery. Use them for your reception areas, or cover entire walls. A “green theme” for a restaurant or a country inn is an exciting way to incorporate hedge plants.

Fix up the dull looks of your wooden fences by topping them with a row of shrubs. Your courtyard will benefit from artificial hedges for outdoors. Doing this will also compensate for the lack of greenery. 

For huge business spaces, similar halls and pathways can look monotonous. Add fake hedge plants to these halls to personalize them. This practice will also help visitors and employees distinguish parts of your workspace. 

They add life and depth to dimly lit areas with limited space. Thus, making them a fantastic choice for any landscape. Big or small. 

They’re Portability 

Use a set of outdoor topiary hedges to create spaces within spaces at events. Hedges combined with wheels aid in creating significant temporary barriers. You can use them during weddings and other functions. Why not avoid excessive strain on your pockets?

They aid in creating photo backdrops and displaying banners. Whether running a modern cafe or working outdoors, use fake hedge walls as space dividers. And section off areas as and when needed. 

Fake hedge walls—indoors or outdoors—are durable, easy to transport, and block unpleasant views. Doing so allows you to elevate your space for any spontaneous event. 

Artificial Boxwood Hedges Are Versatile

Planting anything in your commercial landscape can be a big gamble. Artificial hedge walls are an easy-to-make option and allow you to bring greenery to any place you need to. Be it low-light spaces or cramped areas. 

faux boxwood hedges

Artificial boxwood hedges are more versatile than their natural counterparts. You can install them in any kind of soil and moisture conditions or even indoors. Natural shrub walls need a lot of water to survive. Artificial shrubs, instead, steal no moisture at all. This trait makes them a right fit for any kind of landscape, climate, or altitude.

Place them on waste bins, electrical boxes, or unattractive water pumps. You can even use them to decorate your rooftop. They add a clean, modern look to your workplace, making it more inviting for customers.

You Can Customise Them

With artificial hedges, the only limit is your imagination. It is possible to prune them in any shape or size. They can be as short or tall as you need.  As long as your walls have fencing points to place the hedge panels, you can style them in spectacular ways.

Faux hedge panels along the arch of an entryway are popping up everywhere. Offices,  shopping complexes, and even museums. These panels can also be a blessing for your drab pool decks or open-air auditoriums. No matter the dimensions of your space. 

If you need to add an extra appeal to simple architecture, use a unique hedge panel for your place of business. Incorporating them in the interior or the exterior design can be effortless. 

Lifting up the spirit of your workspace is essential. There’s no doubt, people function their best in a comfortable environment. Choosing artificial boxwood hedges would make your space look and feel more pleasant. And given their heavy-duty nature, they will last you a long time without any extra costs.