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Dividing Rooftops in Zones Using Hedges

“Divide and rule” is a policy that was followed by many colonial powers. However, you may divide not to rule but to make things more organized. At times, breaking up a large space into smaller compartments is necessary for effective space utilization. It also helps to bring a sense of privacy and exclusivity. We are talking about dividing the rooftops here.

The rooftop of your workplace can serve multiple purposes. More so, if it’s large. You can organize office parties and employee get-togethers. It’s suitable for team meetings as well. However, a completely open area may not be appealing. And you are keen to create smaller spaces here. On top of that, you might be having prying neighbors. So, some privacy for those on the rooftop is also essential.

But how to go about it? Building concrete walls or dividers would mar the beauty of the place. Plants are a better option. But then, maintaining them might become an issue. So you have an even better option. Go for the artificial privacy hedges.

rooftop faux boxwood hedges

Artificial privacy hedges have increasingly become the go-to options for many seeking both smaller spaces and privacy in their rooftops. They help to enhance the beauty of the place. They allow you to experiment with the designs. And there are several other reasons why hedges make the perfect dividers for open rooftops. More on this below.

They are Easy to Install

No digging of the ground and getting your hands full of soil. No need to wait eternally for that elusive gardener. The artificial hedges are quite easy to install. All you need are some basic tools and implements and you can do the job yourself. You can even make minor adjustments to its size during installation.

Ready to Go from Day One

Real hedge would take time to grow. And quite some time, at that. And all this while, your rooftop lies undivided. Why wait for that long? As soon as they are out of the delivery box, they are ready to do their job. You had given the required dimensions of the hedges before ordering them. So, not much of adjustments or last-minute pre-installation pruning would be necessary.

No Maintenance Hassles

Real hedges would do an equally good job of creating smaller zones on your rooftop. But maintaining them in their best condition would need a lot of effort from you. But the artificial privacy hedges take care of that worry of yours. No need to water them or prune the overgrown foliage. All they need are some dusting and cleaning with water from time to time.

artificial boxwood privacy hedges

Is your rooftop open-air? Then the monsoon season would do a nice clean-up job of the hedges.

Keep the Nosey Parkers Out

It’s not just creating smaller areas on the rooftop. The fake privacy hedge screen or fake shrub wall would do a nice job of protecting the privacy of your rooftop. Let your guests spend their time in much-needed privacy in your rooftop gathering. The hedge plants would obstruct the views of overly inquisitive neighbors.

Good for the Health, Too

The artificial privacy hedges are doing a great job of creating smaller designated zones on your rooftop. Along with that, they are also contributing towards improving the mental health of those present there. And that’s because of the color green. Looking at the green plants induces a soothing effect in your mind. It also helps to lower anxiety levels. So, the artificial privacy hedge plants are working as good stressbusters as well.

Put the Pests to Rest

One of the related botherations of a live plant is the presence of pests. Snails, aphids, and various other garden pests can be quite irritants. And you would not want them to crawl all over the rooftop during an important gathering there. But you can rest easy with the artificial hedges. There is no question of the presence of these pests here. So you need not rack your brains in finding ways of eliminating them.

Artificial Hedges Are Cool

And it’s not just about their looks. These plants or shrub walls can provide much-needed shade during the summer months. Especially if your workplace is in the warmer parts of the country. So even the summer afternoons can be spent on the rooftop. Both the artificial hedges for the outdoors and their indoor counterparts come protected with UV-resistant materials. So, don’t worry about them getting damaged by the sun’s rays.

Place Them Anywhere

There’s one problem with real privacy hedges after installation. It would take a lot of effort to remove them if you are looking to realign the dividers. And this fear of moving them might delay that essential realignment plan. But the artificial hedges like folding hedge screen, or green screen partition don’t need sunlight to survive. And most of them are easily portable. So, place them anywhere on the rooftop. Even in places where direct sunlight may not reach.

rooftop hedges

Realigning or redesigning the rooftop zones is much easier now. Because you have artificial privacy hedges as dividers that can be removed easily from one place to another.

They Are Versatile

For quite some time now, artificial hedges have done an effective job of creating those zones on your rooftop. Now, you plan to relocate. Carry the hedges with you. They will be equally functional on the patio. Or as an alternative to fences. Or anywhere else in your commercial/domestic property. This versatility of the artificial hedge plants is what endears them to many.

So now you have a fair idea about using the artificial hedges to create zones on your rooftop. Before ordering for them, do a proper measurement of the rooftop. And then, decide on the dimensions of these dividers. They will have the desired impact only when they come in the right shape and size. Once this is done, reach out to the reputed providers of artificial hedges.