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green walls restaurant

Your restaurant has to catch the hungry passerby’s eye. First, the decor invites them in, then they place an order. Of course, you know this. Typography, murals, and wall arts – these deliberate touches of decor speak for themselves, in every restaurant. 

While effective, these are expensive. You’d love – we’re sure – something more affordable, versatile, and striking than expensive wall arts. We think that a fake green wall is an answer. It’s simple, beautiful, inexpensive, low-maintenance, and trendy. 

Customers will immediately associate your restaurant with prettiness. Your green walls will symbolize the quality of your restaurant’s service.

The fake green wall acts as a stunning background for dining 

The fake pearl glass wall is the perfect backdrop for diners to take pictures. It sets a relaxed, simple yet elegant ambiance to dine and socialize in. 

The unrivaled aspect of this decor is that you can combine it with other earthy tones. A simple start to a new theme. 

Fake grass wall panels aren’t a complex work of art. Rather, they are easy on the eyes. This doesn’t mean they have to be simple. The choice is yours. It can either be the star of your room or a subtle beauty. Place the panels to form complex shapes and adjust them to go with the intricate carvings on your walls or fashion a plain grass background. 

No-hassle grass mats can instantly liven up the place

Having trouble figuring out how to use multiple panels? You don’t need to. The artificial grass wall doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Purchase a large roll and make your job easier. You can hang the grass mat vertically and have a no-hassle fake wall.

Interior decor with plants has never been easier. No need to water, feed or put together your grass wall. There is no continuous cost of maintenance or worry that the grass will wither. It also eliminates any risk of leaks in your restaurant caused by watering the plants. 

You get all this, plus these walls look realistic. There is no need to wait several weeks for the grass to grow lush and beautiful, you have an instant green wall. 

You just have to occasionally dust and clean your green wall. You can do this by using the light pressure from a watering hose. 

Your diners can enjoy a peaceful meal thanks to the artificial plant wall

The faux plant wall is not just aesthetically pleasing. It is also practical. It absorbs and reflects noise setting the perfect dining atmosphere in your restaurant. Your diners can actually sit and talk, even in the peak hours. 

It is a life-saver if your restaurant is located in a noisy building or on a busy street. You can place the artificial plant walls in different areas of the restaurant to maximize noise absorption. 

Create a warm and cozy environment. The greenery with reduced noise pollution makes your restaurant a much-needed escape for your diners, filled with tranquility. 

Apart from these perks, you also get an added layer of insulation to the walls of your restaurant. This means no matter what weather it is, diners can always eat at a comfortable temperature.

Your diners will walk out relaxed and in a better mood too. Although artificial plants cannot improve the air quality like real plants, studies have proven that they have the same relaxing effect on people. So, even if the food is a few minutes late, the green wall can relax them. 

Celebrate your artistic freedom

Because the green wall is so simple and flexible, you have endless possibilities. You can mix textures, colors, play with the lighting and so much more. You can present it as a garden, add greetings to it or mimic a renowned landscape.

Catch the passerby’s eye by placing it at the entrance. Give your diners the ultimate experience by having a green wall in the dining area. Place it in both places. It depends on what you want to do with it. Greetings are best suited for the entrance. If you have an outdoor area, you can place it behind a bench making it the perfect spot for pictures. You can also go beyond. Place it below or along the staircase, place glass panes on top of the grass panels to enhance the room’s lighting. 

With other decor items, you have to nitpick and place the ones that suit your restaurant’s vibe the best. With the green wall you can tweak it to fit whatever style you want. 

Most people love local artists and local art, especially tourists. You can also hire local artists and ask them to design the wall and showcase their art beside or around it. Create a mesmerizing montage. This will make your restaurant memorable and keep your diners talking. 

We love the flexibility the green wall has and we’re sure you’ll love it. 

Artificial green walls lower your carbon footprint 

This is an especially important factor to consider if you’re targeting a customer base that is environmentally conscious like organic food consumers or vegans. 

A living green wall needs proper watering channels, lighting, and energy. Even engineered living walls need massive amounts of energy for indoor lights, nutrients, and air. Apart from this, you’ll have to hire professionals regularly to make sure that your wall is alive and vibrant. All these factors add to the carbon footprint. 

At one glance, living plant walls seem like the environmentally better option but they’re not because of the added maintenance. You can always place pots in your restaurant to go with your fake green wall. 

Fake green walls have many aesthetic and functional benefits. It can replicate the colors, textures, and even movements of grass. Allow your diners to enjoy the biophilic design and reconnect with nature.

There is a new and rising consciousness of incorporating nature into our lives. We can help you mimic nature and tailor it to suit your ways. This doesn’t mean that we’re being disrespectful of it, rather, we are promoting human well-being by incorporating nature into different spaces of our lives however well we can. 

A fake green wall when used adequately will keep your customers talking about your restaurant, posting about it, and coming back to it.