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Ravishing Artificial Green Walls for any Space

Did you know green is one of the most calming colors because it represents nature? Adding plants to a design is also known to improve mental health. So the best way to combine the two is with an artificial green wall. 

A faux plant wall is a good choice for a spa because most spas are dark and cool. These aren’t the perfect conditions for living plants, but fake ones will do just fine.

Best Plants for an Artificial Green Wall

1. English Ivy Hedge

The English ivy is an evergreen perennial plant. This ivy has aerial roots, making it a climber. It can also grow on the ground to about 8 inches in height. The plant has a beautiful 5-lobed leaf pattern that makes it an excellent addition to hedges. Unlobed leaves appear on flowering stems. The flowers are greenish-yellow and are spherical with individual stalks.

The downside of the English Ivy is that it is toxic to humans and animals. So the best way to include the plant into your design is with a fake ivy wall. Our English Ivy hedge is perfect for lining the entranceway to the spa. It offers privacy and also helps in setting the mood for your clients. 

faux plant wall

2. Azalea Flower 

Azalea is a shrub with astounding blooms that come in a variety of colors. Azaleas bloom in the spring with most varieties having a fragrance. Azalea flowers are so beautiful that there are festivals dedicated to them in many countries. These flowers are set against deep green leaves which offers a beautiful contrast. 

The unfortunate part of growing Azaleas is that they bloom only once per year in the spring season. However, if you get an artificial azalea flower, then it will always be in bloom. 

An Azalea hedge wall will look perfect in the reception area of your spa. The bright pops of color of the flowers will look stunning against the rest of your decor. 

3. Creeping Fig 

As the name implies, this is a vine that grows both vertically and horizontally. The Creeping Fig is a flowering plant that is a part of the mulberry family. It’s a hardy plant but has poor resistance to frost. This creeper bears fig fruits which are used in Taiwanese cuisine. 

The young leaves of this plant start out in an almost-reddish color. As the leaf matures, it becomes a striking green color. It often features green walls because it grows quickly and loves to climb surfaces. But if you want a zero-maintenance wall, then a fake living wall is the way to go. 

The artificial Creeping Fig wall is available in sizes ranging from 4 – 6 feet. The faux wall can be used to partition areas within the spa. This way, you can have an open floor plan but still have some privacy. 

pearl grass wall

4. Pearl Grass 

If you want a no-nonsense, neat living wall, then a Pearl Grass wall is the best option. Pearl Grass is a slow-growing grass that is grown for fodder. It is also used for ornamental purposes in pathways and even on bio walls.

The blades of grass look fantastic as a backdrop. Since there is only one shade of green throughout, an artificial Pearl Grass mat compliments any other plant. So if you want to build a custom fake grass wall, then the Pearl Grass is the perfect base to start with. 

If you want to add a minimal green element, then just a plain Pearl Grass mat works well. The mat is available in two shades of green. Either of them will give your spa the greenery it needs. 

5. Wandering Jew Vine

Also known as the Inch Plant, the Wandering Jew is a gorgeous vine with zebra-patterned leaves. The underside of the leaves is a deep magenta shade and the tops are green and white striped. It has a heart-shaped flower with three petals. The flower is bright purple, which looks stunning against the leaves. 

Repeated contact with this plant can cause skin irritation. That’s why an artificial plant is the better choice. The pops of color make it the best artificial vines for walls. You can combine the Wandering Jew Vine with an evergreen plant to make an impressive faux living wall. The accents of color from the vine are perfect to line the entryway to your spa. It can also be used in the room decor to add a natural element that is colorful.

artificial boxwood green wall

6. Boxwood

Boxwood is a slow-growing evergreen shrub. There are about 70 species of the Boxwood plant, with each species having a unique leaf shape and pattern. Some species even grow as small trees, the wood of which is used for carving.

The leaves of the boxwood are light green and densely packed. It is often used in landscape designs because it exudes an elegant and formal look. For an artificial green wall, Boxwood is the perfect foundation. The dense leaves offer ample privacy and also go well with other plants. A Boxwood green wall will look remarkable in the waiting area of your spa. 

fake living wall

7. Succulent 

If you don’t have a green thumb, then Succulents are good plants to start with. These are drought-resistant plants that have uniquely colored and shaped leaves. This is why Succulents are a popular choice in interior designs. Succulents thrive in arid climates, but they are pretty tolerant to other conditions as well.

If you want to accent a green wall, then Succulents are the plants for you. It will offer a 3D element to your wall, which gives an interesting vibe to your spa’s decor. You can get a plain Boxwood or Pearl Grass mat and accent it with artificial succulents. 

Artificial green walls are the easiest way to add form and function to your spa. The artificial wall needs nearly zero maintenance, making it an obvious decor choice.