Decorative Birch Logs
Decorative Birch Logs
Decorative Birch Logs
Decorative Birch Logs

Decorative Birch Logs


Popular and so pretty, our Birch Logs are a natural accent that goes from season to season with ease and is versatile in multiple design concepts. The bright white bark of the birch is contrasted with knots and grooves for texture and visual appeal. The bark has a natural “peel” to it, adding depth to this wonderful design accent. Often used in planters or alongside pine and spruce accents, this is also what we use to create our lovely birch trees. Harvested in the north, the sizes will vary. We will work with your design specification to get you just the right Birch Logs for your landscape.
Our faux Decorative Birch Logs look so real, it’s quite unreal. Hang them in your reception area to make heads turn, or line them up in the hallway. Whatever you desire, we deliver. Plantscape Commercial Silk’s artificial Decorative Birch Logs add a sturdy and woody touch to your commercial space. Birch trees are symbolic of new beginnings, regeneration, strength, growth, and protection.
Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or trying to make modifications to your existing commercial space, our fake Decorative Birch Logs are designed to impress the viewers and add an aesthetic touch to your commercial space. These artificial Decorative Birch Logs are created with utmost precision. The trunk is made of wood and added specifications such as knots, bark, and peel make them look authentic.
Plantscape Commercial Silk products are made using the latest technology such as ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf®. These advanced processes make our products fire retardant for indoor use, and keep them secure from weather conditions when being used outdoors. Our artificial Decorative Birch Logs are durable and realistic. Furthermore, they come in various sizes ranging from 5’ to 12’, a perfect customizable piece of addition to your décor.

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Height 5'-12'
Trunk Wood

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