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Artificial Logs
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Artificial Logs | Artificial Logs
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Our artificial wood Tree Logs are wonderfully handcrafted with amazing texture and detail, including unique ridges, knots, and holes for effect. Reminiscent of a campfire site or the rugged wilderness, these are great accents for an outdoorsy design theme. Manufactured using a real tree mold, painted with colors to match the tree variety, and sized from 18” to 36”, these are true replicas made to appear as they would in the forest. Durable, yet lightweight, the tree logs can be moved easily about your landscape design. Our wood logs can also be ordered with a broken top or just as an artificial tree stump. Consider adding the tree logs as a nice natural-looking accent.
Deemed to be the best natural-looking fake Artificial Log ever, this item of artificial foliage by Plantscape Commercial Silk is ThermaLeaf® protected. Simply put, the faux Artificial Log has inherently been made fire retardant during the injection molding manufacturing process. If you are looking to replicate the wild outdoors indoors, our fake Artificial Log is the quintessential piece of décor for you.
With customizable dimensions and a newly added 40” model, the faux Artificial Log can accentuate any themed space. It tends to be the perfect biophilic addition to a landscape project. In addition to this, the item is both dust-resistant and durable, thereby ensuring the best value for your money and low-maintenance enhancement. You don’t need to worry about pesky bugs with this fake Artificial Log, all while getting the same rustic feel and texture.
Artificial logs can end up being a great addition to a woodsy indoor setting or add a quirky flair to a contemporary event space. With lifetime fire protection and incredible structural integrity, this durable Plantscape Commercial Silk faux Artificial Log is bound to last you a long time. These specifications put the product at the top of our must-have list.

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Height18", 22", 36", 40"

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