Artificial Conifer Tree Bark Sheets
Artificial Conifer Tree Bark Sheets
Artificial Conifer Tree Bark Sheets
Artificial Conifer Tree Bark Sheets
Artificial Conifer Tree Bark Sheets

Artificial Conifer Tree Bark Sheets


Conifer trees are known for their flash of green, year-round color, and majestic heights. In creating our artificial Conifer trees, we take great care to replicate the bark of the actual tree trunks. Making sure all the fine detail and texture of the specific tree bark is replicated properly, we cast a mold from real trees, translating the natural design through our manufacturing process. These beautiful sheets of bark are easy to implement as a wrap-around, creating a life-like tree trunk for your landscape project. Artisan crafted to match the real-life tree, our Conifer bark is textured and painted using premium materials for a natural look in your design. For long-lasting and durable bark materials, paired with spruce or pine foliage…this is a great natural-looking accent for your design project!
If you can have year-round greenery inside your house, minus the fuss and maintenance, what else could be better? And if your faux trees can have a realistic-looking bark, you can create the ultimate in artificial greenery. These artificial Conifer Tree Bark sheets are ideal for DIYers as well. These fake Conifer Tree Bark sheets can be used in multiple applications. For example, they can be sued to create backgrounds that elevate the textural elements of your home. Or they can be used to cover large planters to resemble tree trunks. The choice is yours!
This faux Conifer Tree Bark sheet is available in Thermaleaf® materials, making them the ultimate in fire-safe foliage. All Thermaleaf® materials are inherently fire-retardant. They are injected with fire-retardant chemicals before the processing stages for the new faux plants begin. This process makes all finished products, like your fake Conifer Tree Bark sheet, absolutely safe to use in plenty of settings. They are ideal for schools, indoor playgrounds, offices, retail spaces, and many more.
Ask Plantscape Commercial Space to customize these artificial Conifer Tree Bark sheets for your specific space. We can adjust size, shape, materials, and even the finish for our faux Conifer Tree bark sheets easily to suit a plethora of spaces.

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