Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed Outdoor
Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed Outdoor
Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed Outdoor
Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed Outdoor

Artificial Topiary Hedge Trimmed Outdoor


Our artificial hedge for outdoors is manufactured for exterior placement, made specifically to withstand the effects of the weather and the sun for years. Utilize our faux topiary trimmed the same way you would use live hedges; as a border, edging, natural privacy fencing, or to cover up fencing or cement walls. Our outdoor faux boxwood can be manufactured to your exact size specifications and are available with custom-sized planters to match your commercial space. The functional form of a faux boxwood hedge offers that manicured, professional gardener looks without all the upkeep. This is the hedge that makes a property stand out!
The artificial topiary trimmed hedges from Plantscape Commercial Silk are the perfect replacements for their natural counterparts. Easy to install and move around, these plants serve as the perfect outdoor installations in your commercial property. Use them as fencings, wall coverings, or dividers of the outdoor space. In every way, our faux topiary trimmed hedges would improve your property’s visual aesthetics by multiple notches.
Made from high-quality plastic, the foliage of our fake topiary trimmed hedges is built to keep looking fresh year after year. And their maintenance needs are minimal as well. Created after a lot of effort, the artificial topiary trimmed hedges would look as natural as the creation of an expert gardener. The advantage being, that the faux topiary trimmed hedges come without the associated hassles of maintaining a natural plant.
But one thing might be bothering you. And that is – would these fake topiary trimmed hedges be able to survive harsh weather when installed outside. The answer is – yes, very much so! Because the plants are created using our Permaleaf® technology. This technology equips them to resist inclement weather conditions and even UV rays. So, get in touch with us today to install these hedges in your property. And watch your property stand out from others in the area!

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