Evergreen Privet Hedge
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Evergreen Privet Hedge

Evergreen Privet Hedge

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Would you like to add the structure of a formal hedge while maintaining a natural appearance? The evergreen privet hedge is manufactured and custom sized for your landscape project. This hedge has a completely natural-looking edge, formed perfectly but left untrimmed for an organic, live edge. No need to have this privet privacy hedge manicured, shaped, or trimmed. It will look great on the day of installation. Featuring a dense grouping of green foliage arranged neatly to provide your commercial space with separation and directional dimension, our fake privet privacy hedge fence will combine the beauty and utility of evergreen in a formal garden. Quality materials, available in additional sizes, and versatile placement make this a popular hedge choice for our clients.
Looking just like the original, but without the related maintenance hassles. That’s what the artificial privet hedges from Plantscape Commercial Silk ensure. We don’t give the plants a perfectly trimmed look as that’s too artificial-looking for comfort. Let our faux privet hedges act as the perfect fences to ensure privacy. You can place them in the external areas of your commercial property. Or get hold of a smaller version (the hedges are fully customizable) and make it work as a cubicle separator indoors. Every way, the fake privet hedges from Plantscape Commercial Silk are perfect décor options.
Manufactured with the best quality polyester, the faux privet hedges maintain their stunning green color for a really long time. And maintaining them is easy. Simple dusting and cleaning will make them keep looking fresh. So, we don’t exaggerate when we say that our fake privet hedges are evergreen! The dense foliage provides a wholesome look that adds to the beauty of your commercial space.
As functional as they are attractive, the artificial privet hedges from Plantscape Commercial Silk have something more going for them. And that is their fire-resistant characteristics, courtesy our Thermaleaf® technology. That indeed takes care of a big worry. So, get in touch with us today and let us demonstrate how our faux privet hedges can brighten up your commercial space.

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