Faux Boxwood Letters
Faux Boxwood Letters | Boxwood Alphabet ID#
Boxwood Alphabet ID#
Faux Boxwood Letters | Boxwood Alphabet ID#
Boxwood Alphabet ID#
Faux Boxwood Letters | Boxwood Alphabet ID#

Faux Boxwood Letters

ID# 4042

The artificial topiary letters give you yet another opportunity to create a customized landscape in your commercial space. Company names, welcoming phrases, and simple words can be created to give you a unique landscape while adding greenery, structure, and hedging if needed. Our fake boxwood alphabet can be shaped into anything and will add personality to your commercial landscape. A great addition to any corporate headquarters outdoor landscape, restaurants or hotels, retail centers, and malls. Create your own topiary shape to truly customize the versatile boxwood. Manufactured for outdoor use, these will last for years with little to no maintenance or trimming.
Made from premium and long-lasting materials, the quality and durability of our artificial topiary letters aren’t even a question. We take special care in replicating the features of a natural topiary with our artificial topiary letters as much as possible. From the green foliage to the unique structure, our faux topiary letters can give your commercial or office landscape a new look.
Our artificial topiary letters are just as resilient as it’s appealing. Don’t worry about dust or water damaging the faux topiary letters. The water-proof leaves of the faux topiary letters can withstand almost anything, while the molecular build of our faux topiary letters prevents dust from forming on its surface. In addition, our artificial topiary letters also come with special PermaLeaf® protection that provides your fake topiary letters with superior UV resistance and increased outdoor lifespan.
There are hardly any commercial entrances or office lobbies that can go wrong with the green artificial topiary letters from Plantscape Commercial Silk. With these lovely fake topiary letters, you can create unique phrases or company names that can transform the look of your commercial or office space. It can be the perfect decor choice for your customers to see when they walk in.

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