Artificial Azalea Flower Mat Roll
Artificial Azalea Flower Mat Roll
Artificial Azalea Flower Mat Roll
Artificial Azalea Flower Mat Roll

Artificial Azalea Flower Mat Roll

ID# AZEW+24, AZAM#36

For custom projects, and unique design specifications, we offer a gorgeous artificial Azalea Mat Roll, created by Commercial Silk. The Azalea Roll, available with Beauty Red or Pink blossoms, is very popular with designers, architects, and landscape contractors. Prized for its beautiful colors and ease of installation, this is an ideal product to create large walls of colorful blooms, Azalea Hedges, or to beautify a structure that would require customization. Manufactured in 24 x 24 square panels, or in larger roll formats to accommodate your project. Our faux azalea flower mat is made with durable, authentic foliage and silk-like flowers. Made with our finest UV and weather-resistant materials for outdoor landscapes, this amazing artificial grass mat roll offers flexibility in design paired with durability and easy maintenance.
The breathtakingly beautiful Azalea Roll is all set to decorate your commercial property’s premises now. And the artificial Azalea Rolls from Plantscape Commercial Silk look as authentic and beautiful as their natural counterparts. The roll format makes it easy to be carried from place to place. Your commercial property is set to have a gala makeover when you install these lovely faux Azalea Rolls there.
We don’t cut corners when it comes to ensuring quality. So, we use the best quality plastic to make the foliage and silk for the flowers. Besides making the fake Azalea Rolls look beautiful, they also add a lot of durability to the plants. Apply basic cleaning and dusting mechanisms to these plants. And watch the artificial Azalea Rolls continue looking strikingly beautiful year after year.
But would these plants survive inclement weather? Rest assured, they would. We use top-quality UV and weather-resistant components to manufacture the faux Azalea Roll plants. These plants can withstand extreme weather conditions with elan. So, go ahead and place them outdoors without any worries. Also, equipped with our proprietary ThermaLeaf® technology, the fake Azalea Rolls are fire-resistant as well. Contact us today and let us demonstrate how these wonderful plants can up the attraction quotient of your commercial space.

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