Asparagus Fern Artificial Foliage Outdoor
Asparagus Fern Artificial Foliage Outdoor | Asparagus Fern Foliage ID# FEA+33
Asparagus Fern Foliage ID# FEA+33
Asparagus Fern Artificial Foliage Outdoor | Asparagus Fern Foliage ID# FEA+33
Asparagus Fern Foliage ID# FEA+33
Asparagus Fern Foliage ID# FEA+33

Asparagus Fern Artificial Foliage Outdoor

ID# FEA+33

Our artificial Asparagus Fern, botanically accurate and beautiful, will add depth and texture to hanging from baskets, planters, ledges, or as a groundcover feature. The finely detailed fern-like leaves are dense and leafy, giving the bright green spray a fluffy and full appearance. At 33” in length, the ferns will hang gracefully from hanging pots but are sturdy enough to stand on their own as a filler or in mass planting as a fern border. Made with our premium materials, the Asparagus Fern foliage is UV and weather resistant and will last for many seasons with little to no maintenance. Talk to our designers about ways to add this fabulous Fern to your landscape.
Our fake asparagus fern foliage is the perfect addition to make your outdoor decoration look stunningly perfect. These detailed fake fern-like leaves of our artificial asparagus fern foliage are dense and bright in color, giving them the closest appearance to an original asparagus fern. You can put the faux asparagus fern foliage on hanging pots and use them to beautify the outside perimeters of your restaurant, cafe, boutique, and saloon.
Are you worried that the scorching sun will ruin your artificial plants? The faux asparagus fern from Plantscape Commercial Silk is curated with our patented PermaLeaf® technology, providing ultimate UV protection. The superior UV resistance technology improves our artificial asparagus fern’s outdoor durability and longevity. Our faux foliage is also resistant to color fading, and the dust-proof layer makes them incredibly low-maintenance.
Place this gorgeous faux asparagus fern in your resort garden or rooftop restaurant and create a lush, exuberant atmosphere with cost-effective alternatives. If you want to decorate open spaces by incorporating the exuberant greens but without the burden of high maintenance, our artificial asparagus fern will serve your purpose effortlessly. These sumptuously bushy ferns will blend with other plants against any landscape and create a unique fern border for your outdoor space.

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Product Data Sheet3-Part Specifications



Components can be affixed to interior or exterior surfaces with site specific systems to keep foliage full and secure. These can be affixed to Walls, Fences or even a Trellis.


Attachment solutions can be catered to the needs of the site alongside the greenery being placed in, on and around existing ceiling structure.


Components can be formed and applied to existing gridwork.


Attachment solution for pre-constructed ceiling substrates with low-height limitations. Requires minimal skilled installation labor. Ideal for remodeling spaces.


IFR Greenery allows light features to have components wrapped in and around adding depth to the space.


Greenery can be customized to fit existing frames for unique Greenery scapes.


Plantings are formed to interior, or exterior conditions allowing ease of installation, and ability to customize type, density, and easy swapping.


Mats and components are formed to install around angles and curves to fit each location and dimension.


Component attachment methods can be formed to the desired style and feel of the location.

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