Potted Azalea Artificial Plant
Potted Azalea Artificial Plant | Potted Azalea Plant ID# AZA118B+
Potted Azalea Plant ID# AZA118B+
Potted Azalea Artificial Plant | Potted Azalea Plant ID# AZA118B+
Potted Azalea Plant ID# AZA118B+
Potted Azalea Artificial Plant | Potted Azalea Plant ID# AZA118B+
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Potted Azalea Artificial Plant

ID# AZA118B+

Add the beauty of spring blossoms to your outdoor landscape design with these beautiful Azalea plants. Perfectly recreated green leaves and stems serve as a support to the beautiful Azalea flowers in full bloom. Standing from 18” to 20” tall, the Azalea plants are potted and ready to display its gorgeous colors in your flower arrangements. They serve perfectly as a floral accent to shrubs, trees, or in mass as a grove of Azaleas. They are available in three colors: Beauty red, pink, and cream. All three are stunning in tone and texture. Shown here in beautiful red, these are made with our premium materials. These sun and weather-resistant Azaleas will last through many seasons and will give your commercial space a wonderful pop of color.
These Azaleas provide gorgeous colors in an arrangement displayed beautifully; They’re designed to add a stylish décor to your outdoor commercial space, patio, or green space. Outdoor silk Azaleas have custom sizing available to meet your design specifications. A full and leafy Azalea, accented with large cream blossoms, will add to many design concepts, including tropical or coastal themes. The Azalea is completely lifelike and a genuine replica. UV and weather-resistant materials lend to the durability and value in this foliage selection. We have done the growing and design for you with this Azalea.
Who doesn’t like bright spring flowers without the burden of watering! Plantscape Commercial Silk curated the beautiful faux azalea plant that is perfect for decorating open restaurants, cafes, hotel lobbies, and resort gardens. The glossy bright green foliage and vibrant red flowers are the startling features of this artificial azalea plant. Put these plants on the dining tables of your open-roofed restaurant, and your customers will definitely be unable to differentiate them from the real plant.
Outdoor plants can often have faded colors and brittle, crunchy leaves. With our patented PermaLeaf® technology, you no longer worry about sun damage. The faux azalea plant is manufactured to possess superior UV resistance and incredible outdoor durability. The molecular build of our fake azalea plant prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt on its leaves, making them extremely low maintenance. The water-proof leaves also shield them from harsh outdoor weather conditions.
The artificial azalea plants from Plantscape Commercial can also be used for redecorating a table against a brightly lit window in any commercial building. If you like flowers but hate the burden of maintenance, our attractive faux azalea plants will effortlessly brighten up your space and spirits. Create an array of our resplendent artificial azalea plants in the outdoor lobby and offer your customers a warm, awe-inspiring experience.

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