Buckler Fern Foliage ID# FEB+T20
Buckler Fern Foliage | Buckler Fern Foliage ID# FEB+T20
Buckler Fern Foliage ID# FEB+T20
Buckler Fern Foliage | Buckler Fern Foliage ID# FEB+T20

Buckler Fern Foliage


Our artificial Buckler fern foliage, designed for outdoor use, is a wonderful replica of the fern plant. Manufactured with premium grade UV projection to maximize its longevity, the silky buckler fern plant is trusted by landscape fabricators and set designers for commercial projects of all shapes and sizes. This fern is beautiful on its own or incorporated into larger commercial hanging baskets or large potted planters. We also offer the Asparagus fern foliage, an outdoor English Ivy foliage, and more. All of our outdoor foliage and plants are built to each client’s specifications. Contact us today for custom options and pricing.
This artificial Buckler Fern foliage can be the perfect focus object that a monochrome space might need. Or they can be the best thing to happen to your window trellis. You can even mix and match this faux Buckler Fern foliage with our handcrafted silk flowers or fake flowering plants for a unique look. Thanks to it looking as botanically accurate and realistic as possible, these can easily gel with your existing foliage, whether real or fake.
We have made our faux Buckler Fern foliage completely fade-proof, no matter the weather or temperature outdoors. With our revolutionary PermaLeaf© technology, these fake Buckler Fern plants become nearly impervious to rain, UV rays, snow, and winds. Talk about being ideal for outdoor longevity! PermaLeaf© materials show color fade resistance and do not deteriorate for the entirety of their lifetime. This means that your fake Buckler Fern foliage will remain good as new forever, with unmatched outdoor durability.
We can make our artificial Buckler Fern foliage specifically for your space. At Plantscape Commercial Silk, we believe in creating unique products to suit the unique requirements of our clients. Serving clients in more than 40 countries, we are sure to be able to tweak the size, shape, foliage, planters, and more.

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Height 20''
Foliage Plastic
permaleaf Available

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