Artificial Croton Plant
Artificial Croton Plant | Croton Plant ID# CRO223
Croton Plant ID# CRO223
Artificial Croton Plant | Croton Plant ID# CRO223
Croton Plant ID# CRO223
Artificial Croton Plant | Croton Plant ID# CRO223

Artificial Croton Plant

ID# CRO223

Croton plants indoors are notable for their incredible leaf veining and amazing color combinations. Measuring from 21” to 48” tall, our silk Croton plant looks completely life-like, true to form, and pretty in its pink and green coloration. All this in a beautiful potted plant with lovely green and magenta tones and tons of texture added to your décor. Indoor croton plants will add a relaxing and refreshing feel to a traditional office. Ask one of our design consultants on how to incorporate this Croton or custom order your design choice.
Croton plants are renowned for their leaf foliage. Beautifully variegated, veiny, textured, and points in their shape make this a striking plant to add to any indoor arrangement. Our artificial Crotons give you all the benefits of a live plant without having to worry about light levels and upkeep. Place these anywhere you want a blend of green and reds on a distinguished leaf pattern.
At Plantscape Commercial Silk, we realize what makes the plant so special. That’s why with our artificial Croton plant, we have tried to replicate the look of the natural plant as closely as possible. The most stunning feature of the fake Croton plant from Plantscape Commercial Silk is definitely its multi-colored leaves, whose vibrancy and realistic color bring a refreshing feel to every room.
Taking care of one of our artificial croton plants is made to be stress-free. Because of their make, they’ll be perfectly comfortable no matter where you place them. The dust-proof surface of the fake Croton plant means you don’t have to dust them frequently either. Most importantly, our faux Croton plant comes with our special Thermaleaf® fire-resistant protection, making it safe for indoor use.
The artificial Croton plant from Plantscape Commercial Silk is a great way of adding a bit of color to your office reception desk or hotel lobby. Our faux croton plant’s amazing color and veined texture make it the star of any room. The colorful fake Croton plant can direct the attention of your guests away from the hard angles of the walls and give them a visually appealing sight to look at.

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