Artificial Hawthorn Foliage
Artificial Hawthorn Foliage | Hawthorn Foliage ID# HAW#28
Hawthorn Foliage ID# HAW#28
Artificial Hawthorn Foliage | Hawthorn Foliage ID# HAW#28
Hawthorn Foliage ID# HAW#28
Hawthorn Foliage ID# HAW#28

Artificial Hawthorn Foliage

ID# HAW#28

The magical Hawthorn tree is where fairies are said to live! In that vein, we have created a beautiful spray of artificial Hawthorn foliage that will add a magical spark worthy of any décor. Boasting with small, rich, and shiny green leaves, our artificial Hawthorn Foliage will bring color and tone along with vibrant hues and texture. Measuring 28”, our silk Hawthorn Foliage Spray consists of 164 leaves and can be added to your existing flower arrangements or hanging baskets as a filler, or can be used to create unique plants and trees for the DIY’er. Crafted from premium quality material, our faux Hawthorn Foliage has an incredible life-like appearance, is long-lasting, and durable.
Our faux Hawthorne foliage has a combination of dark and green leaves, arranged artistically, almost the same way that nature would. If you need dense coverage for any space, be it to hide cables or pipes, or even blemished surfaces, our artificial Hawthorn foliage is the ultimate solution.
You can bunch them up to create exquisite backgrounds for silk flower bouquets, and even use them to make silk wreaths. Or you can hang them from pots so that they seem to sprawl across your windows.
We offer these artificial Hawthorne plants and branches with ThermaLeaf® materials, that already have fire-retardant capabilities. That’s right! We infuse our raw materials with fire-retardant chemicals before processing. This makes all faux plants and trees made from that raw material inherently fire-retardant. And better than other fire-safe products you will find. You will never have to worry about fire code compliance with ThermaLeaf®.
Needless to say, we not only believe in creating life-like flowers, trees, and plants to bring joy to everyday life, but we also work hard to ensure the safety of our consumers. Our artificial Hawthorne branches are safe for a lot of environments. No need to wait for a vacation to be with nature, you can bring nature home.

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Product Data Sheet 3-Part Specifications



Components can be affixed to interior or exterior surfaces with site specific systems to keep foliage full and secure. These can be affixed to Walls, Fences or even a Trellis.


Attachment solutions can be catered to the needs of the site alongside the greenery being placed in, on and around existing ceiling structure.


Components can be formed and applied to existing gridwork.


Attachment solution for pre-constructed ceiling substrates with low-height limitations. Requires minimal skilled installation labor. Ideal for remodeling spaces.


IFR Greenery allows light features to have components wrapped in and around adding depth to the space.


Greenery can be customized to fit existing frames for unique Greenery scapes.


Plantings are formed to interior, or exterior conditions allowing ease of installation, and ability to customize type, density, and easy swapping.


Mats and components are formed to install around angles and curves to fit each location and dimension.


Component attachment methods can be formed to the desired style and feel of the location.

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