Sequoia Foliage ID# SEQ#21
Sequoia Foliage | Sequoia Foliage ID# SEQ#21
Sequoia Foliage ID# SEQ#21
Sequoia Foliage | Sequoia Foliage ID# SEQ#21
Sequoia Foliage ID# SEQ#21
Sequoia Foliage ID# SEQ#21

Sequoia Foliage

ID# SEQ#21

Created with lush, natural-appearing foliage and manufactured to be an exact replica of the natural tree boughs, the Sequoia foliage is an excellent accent for almost any outdoorsy design concept. Created with a natural-appearing wood stem, the boughs are full of finely detailed needles, in a lovely dark green. Sequoia foliage will be perfectly poised in winter or holiday arrangements and durable enough to last for many seasons. You could also use this foliage to create your own trees! Available in two sizes, we can also accommodate custom orders to make sure you have just the right Sequoia feature for your landscape. For immediate impact and long-lasting design, choose the classic Sequoia foliage!
The faux Sequoia foliage looks and feels like its natural counterpart with its detailed needles, natural stem, and dark green leaves. The artificial Sequoia foliage also gives you plenty of room to experiment with how you arrange them. You can try out a holiday arrangement or a winter one with faux foliage. One thing’s for sure, the stunning look of the faux foliage is bound to catch the eye of your customers.
The fake Sequoia foliage from Plantscape Commercial Silk comes with our patented PermaLeaf® protection. It gives the faux foliage superior UV resistance and outdoor lifespan, giving you the freedom to place it
indoors and outdoors. In addition, our faux Sequoia foliage also has our unique ThermaLeaf® protection. The fire-retardant compound makes your artificial Sequoia foliage safe and gives you peace of mind.
Whether it be a cafe, restaurant, or hotel lobby, it’s never a bad idea to add lush and appealing foliage to the interior landscape. In the artificial Sequoia foliage from Plantscape Commercial Silk, you have the perfect solution to add a natural accent to any place. The long-lasting fake Sequoia foliage can create an immediate impact and give your commercial space a themed look.

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Height 21", 32"
Foliage Plastic
thermaleaf Available

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