Sprengeri Vine ID# SPR#2701
Sprengeri Vine Foliage | Sprengeri Vine ID# SPR#2701
Sprengeri Vine ID# SPR#2701
Sprengeri Vine Foliage | Sprengeri Vine ID# SPR#2701

Sprengeri Vine Foliage

ID# SPR#2701

Measuring 27” in length, our silk Sprengeri foliage has a lively look and feel, light and airy, gorgeous and green. Our Sprengeri foliage showcases the fern-like foliage, allowing this to accent almost any interior design, traditional to modern and all in between. The Sprengeri foliage can be used similar to a vine; in hanging baskets, large planters, or floral arrangements. Highly durable, and fire-resistant, our Sprengeri will add depth and texture and can be used in multiple designs, from season to season.
Sprengeri vine is characterized by its soft, verdant foliage. It is an invasive weed also used for ornamental purposes. A faux Sprengeri vine is a great idea for decoration because you can mix it up as much as you like. You can use it behind doors, around window bars, as a table decoration, or even with lights and polaroids. It is ideal for indoor decoration in both personal and professional spaces. It evokes a sense of calm and makes your room look effortlessly chic.
The experts on our team replicated the look of the faux Sprengeri vines after a meticulous study of the original plant. They have replicated the foliage using high-quality PVC, which is soft to touch. It is of a dark green color which soothes your eyes.
Besides its aesthetic value, Plantscape Commercial Silk’s faux Sprengeri vine boasts a unique feature- ThermaLeaf®. ThermaLeaf® is a unique fire-proofing method used on our products for your safety. With Plantscape’s ornamental indoor plants, there is no reason why safety and beauty can’t go hand in hand.

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Height 27''
Foliage PVC
thermaleaf Available

Product Data Sheet3-Part Specifications

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