Beech Spray ID# BEE#32
Beech Tree Branch | Beech Spray ID# BEE#32
Beech Spray ID# BEE#32
Beech Tree Branch | Beech Spray ID# BEE#32
Beech Spray ID# BEE#32
Beech Spray ID# BEE#32

Beech Tree Branch

ID# BEE#32

Leaf foliage for all of our products is specifically made for each tree, shrub, vine, or plant. This delightful artificial Giant Beech Foliage, consists of shiny, oblong green leaves, with slight points and highly visible veining to add texture. Our fake foliage consists of 35 leaves and can be used to craft unique plants, as accents to existing plants and trees, or designed as a groundcover for landscapes. Our Giant Beech faux foliage is crafted from premium quality materials, has a life-like look and feel. If you are looking for a specific leaf or foliage pattern, contact one of our sales consultants for assistance.
If it’s textures and a play of green shades that you are looking for, then this faux Beech Tree branch is what you need. Put them up in hanging planters, or bunch them together to create huge bouquets. Combine them with existing foliage for an interesting look. And these fake Beech Tree branches are so botanically accurate that they will easily fall in place with your existing foliage.
This artificial Beech Tree branch is made from our proprietary Thermaleaf® materials, which ensure the ultimate in fire-safe foliage. You will never worry about fire code compliance with Thermaleaf®. These faux Beech Tree branches are made of materials that are inherently fireproof. How is that? We inject all Thermaleaf® materials with fire-retardant chemicals before we start making our fake plants and trees. Unlike other topical fireproofing treatments that wear off in some time, Thermaleaf® materials retain their characteristic for all their life. Just like this fake Beech Tree branch. And with almost no maintenance, what else could be better?
If you need us to customize these faux Beech Tree branches in terms of size, shape, finish, or installation method, talk to us. Share your green vision with Plantscape Commercial Silk to see it come alive.

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Height 32''
Foliage Polyester
thermaleaf Available

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