Fan Palm Frond ID# PFN++60
Fan Palm Tree Frond | Fan Palm Frond ID# PFN++60
Fan Palm Frond ID# PFN++60
Fan Palm Tree Frond | Fan Palm Frond ID# PFN++60
Fan Palm Frond ID# PFN++60
Fan Palm Frond ID# PFN++60

Fan Palm Tree Frond

ID# PFN++60

Palm trees give an easy-breezy feel to any landscape and the Fan Palm Foliage add a showy display in a unique shape. Available in sizes ranging from 36” to 72”, these bright green, round fan-shaped fronds are waving for attention! We use these in our popular Fan Palm trees and these would also be wonderful landscape accents in a tropical flower planter or create your own small tree to fit your commercial space. Sturdy, lifelike, and cool, the Fan Palms are made with premium materials that are UV and weather-resistant. So you can use these for several seasons with little to no maintenance.
Our artificial Fan Palm tree foliage is sure to be a show-stopper. Be it as a standalone statement piece or bunched together to create larger-than-life bouquets. What’s more, they are so realistic and botanically accurate that they blend in easily with other outdoor foliage. This artificial Fan Palm Foliage is ideal for a lot of spaces. Both indoors and outdoors, no matter the weather conditions.
You read that right! Our faux Fan Palm Foliage is capable of withstanding all sorts of weather conditions. From rain to snow, sunlight to dusty winds, PermaLeaf® ensures your faux plants and trees remain as beautiful as ever for many seasons to come.
PermaLeaf® materials ensure that all products are inherently capable of showing superior UV resistance and color-fade resistance. All PermaLeaf® materials are infused with UV-protectants before fabrication of the faux plants begins. This ensures that the chemicals fuse well with the fabric, plastic, and PVC components.
Go ahead and bring in some light, breezy palm leaves into your space with this faux Fan Palm Foliage. You won’t have to wait for your beach vacation to enjoy the shade of palm trees.

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Height 36"-72"
Foliage Plastic
permaleaf Available

Product Data Sheet3-Part Specifications

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