Pine Spray ID# PPP++34
Pine Tree Branch | Pine Spray ID# PPP++34
Pine Spray ID# PPP++34
Pine Tree Branch | Pine Spray ID# PPP++34
Pine Spray ID# PPP++34
Pine Spray ID# PPP++34

Pine Tree Branch

ID# PPP++34

Our artificial Pine foliage is stunning with these genuine appearing pine boughs. Manufactured with brilliant green-colored needle foliage, these will add another dimension to wreath décor, holiday arrangements, swags, garlands, and more. At 34 inches in length, these can be easily incorporated into your existing décor or bunched and bundled to create an outdoor centerpiece. Created with sun and weather-resistant materials, the pine foliage will provide you with a maintenance-free outdoor garden design.
The 34″ long artificial Pine Tree Branch isn’t the tallest of faux plant decor. That means the fake pine branch can easily complement any arrangement you pair with it. What makes our artificial Pine Tree Branch truly stand out is its finish. We haven’t missed a single thing from the minute details on its leaves to its natural wood stem to its green foliage. The result is a stunningly natural-looking fake Pine Tree Branch.
Our faux Pine Tree Branch works best when bundled or bunched. You can go ahead and place it almost anywhere- indoors or outdoors. With our patented PermaLeaf® protection, you don’t need to worry about the leaves ever fading. The superior UV resistance of our protection improves the outdoor durability of our fake Pine Tree Branch. So it remains greener forever.
Treating your employees to an excursion in the Alps is costly. Luckily, you spare the expense with an easy fix. The artificial Pine Tree Branch from Plantscape Commercial Silk can introduce the freshness of the Alps in your office. It can also be a stunning biophilic decor idea for your conference room or hotel lobbies. Our fake Pine Tree Branch complements the decor of almost any room and makes it more stylish.

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Height 34''
Foliage Plastic
permaleaf Available

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