Willow Grass Foliage ID# GRW++22
Artificial Willow Grass Foliage | Willow Grass Foliage ID# GRW++22
Willow Grass Foliage ID# GRW++22
Artificial Willow Grass Foliage | Willow Grass Foliage ID# GRW++22

Artificial Willow Grass Foliage

ID# GRW++22

Here is artificial foliage that is perfect to accent water features, or river and stream décor designs, as Willow grass is commonly seen near rivers, lakes, and marshes. Measuring 22”, each blade of our silk Willow Grass is meticulously crafted and will make a stunning display in your setting. Additional ideas include hanging baskets or planters to add a centerpiece or use as filler. The Willow grass blades are robust and the colors are accurate to native plantings. Take a look at our huge selection of artificial grasses for additional ideas.
Our faux Willow Grass can be nicely paired with lots of other silk flowers and faux plants to create foliage that is sure to stun. Pair it with Azalea hanging flowers for a pop of color. Or mix and match these fake Willow Grass with some Algerian Ivy garlands for dense foliage that can hide wall imperfections as well as turn heads. We make these artificial Willow Grass fade-proof through our Permaleaf© technology., so that they are perfect for outdoor environments.
Added durability and longevity, no matter the outside weather, is what Permaleaf© promises. With inherent fade-proof chemicals and UV-protectants added in the raw materials themselves, Permaleaf© increases the outdoor lifespan of your fake Willow Grass so that you can enjoy their beauty for years to come.
Our artificial Willow Grass can easily reinvent your landscape, give it a more biophilic vibe and help viewers relax. No matter what sort of space you are decorating. Be it hospitals, hotels, meeting rooms, individual shops, spas, or even huge event spaces, our fake Willow Grass is the ideal choice for them all. Just give us a call to share your vision, and we can customize a look that compliments your existing decor.

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Height 22''
Foliage Plastic
permaleaf Available

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