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7 Great Decor Themes For A University Freshers' Welcome Party

Organizing a university freshers’ welcome party is a hefty job. You’ll have the responsibility of organizing the venue, the music, food and handle a ton of students making the process hectic and absolutely dreadful. One of the most important and primary decision to be made for a freshers party is to decide the theme. The invites, posters, and student outfits would be decided on this one factor. Deciding on a theme will give you a lead on the decor of the complex making it easier to make further decisions.

Deciding a theme is not easy either. You do not want to be generic and put up a party which is boring and mundane or decides to make it so extravagant that it becomes too complicated for anyone to pull off. Therefore, it is important to sort out this crucial aspect of the party before anything else. To make things simpler, here are 7 great decor theme ideas for the perfect welcome party.

Meme inspired party

This is the age of the internet and memes are the new cool. Design the party theme around the trending memes of the year. Ask the students to wear outfits inspired by memes, like the Snapchat hot dog or the Salt Bae meme. You can go creative with the decoration as well.

Hang huge posters in the complex and items which have inspired memes like the thug glasses and the two-way signboard. Get creative and create your own memes which are relevant to your university.

‘80s theme party

The ‘80s theme can be one of the most colorful and happening options for a college welcome party. From music to decoration, the ’80s were all about bright, colorful things. Bring the vibe of the ’80s in the complex by making it evocative and interesting. Play the greatest hair metal bands and from the ’80s like Queen and Guns N Roses.

Decorate the party with bright colors and ’80’s movie posters. Make a photo booth and keep 80s inspired props. You can also decorate with neon lights and metallic foil fringe curtains to make the atmosphere more happening. Inflatable boombox and slap bracelets would also add the extra something to make it look more authentic.


Make the party mysterious and surprising by incorporating the masquerade theme. Masquerade can add a unique and unexpected spin to the welcome party. Make a mask mandatory for all the students as well as the hosts. Take the decoration into serious consideration as it will play a pivotal role in setting up the mood.

Place huge decorative masks around the complex and cover the tables and other furnishings with satin and velvet to make space look more regal. Take the lighting into consideration and place candles and twinkling lights. You can also decorate by adding feathers and beads and Sprinkling glitter and sequins around the establishment.

Black and White Ball

Black and white ball is typically an elegant yet understated event with all of the guests dressed in their finest black and white attire. But you can make it more casual and college appropriate easily. Keep the decoration simple and avoid any harsh lighting as it can ruin the subtle vibe of the theme. Make sure the linin that you use is all black and white.

Decorate with balloons and make balloon bouquets or a mini balloon arch. You can incorporate silver as an accent color in your decorations. Place old-school black and white disposable cameras around the space and urge the students to take pictures with them.

Casino Night

Host a casino night theme party for a fun and happening freshers’ welcome. Pick out some the simple card games and place them on every table of the complex. If you are going to add poker at your casino party, we recommend that you give out hand-rank sheets for people who are unfamiliar with the game. Make the decoration look as realistic as possible to replicate the vibe of a real casino.

Make the students enter the party on a red carpet. You will need a carpet, some velvet ropes, and silk artificial plants with pots, like the artificial palm tree with lights, to go on the sides. Make giant dice centerpieces and cover the tables with green velvet to add more drama to the complex.

Karaoke Party

Karaoke theme is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable theme parties. Having a karaoke might be unusual for a university freshers’ welcome party but it can turn out to be an amazingly interactive event. Karaoke can contribute to the party not only as a theme but also as an activity. Put names of songs in a bowl and make students pick at least one slip.

When thinking about the decorations, stick to the basics and keep it simple. Some disco balls, marquee letters for SING, spotlight, and of course, stereo speakers. Put some fake mics around the complex to make it a little more dramatic.

Hippie party

The hippie theme is one the most favored for freshers welcome party. This theme is easy on the vibe as well as the decorations. Try and decorate with as many organic decorations as possible. Use small silk flower arrangements, jasmine plant varieties, and Buddha bamboo palm to give the space a more laid back look.

Switch your lights to colored bulbs to give the place a groovy glow. Put up beaded curtains in the doorways and hang huge peace signs. You can put up Bob Marley inspired posters around the space and set up a few lava lamps as a centerpiece on the tables. You can also use the tie and dye fabric as table clothes to give it a more eclectic vibe.

Parting thoughts

Plan the party keeping the students’ interests in mind. Don’t go overboard with decorations or any other aspect of the party and keep it as simple as possible. Put yourself in the freshers’ shoes and then think what kind of party would be the most appropriate.