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Outdoor Decor Trend

This summer is all about fresh colors and the hottest trends. It’s spring, and we are going to welcome the sunny days with some new and innovative ideas about decorating the front porches, gardens, and patios.

Décor trends are everchanging, and 2019 is all about new styles and color patterns. Do not worry as these trends are going to last forever and make a profound effect on your customers.

If you are looking for revamping or just simply designing your outdoor décor, remember that it should be comfortable and enjoyable to your customers.

It is time to focus more on conceptual ideas that are not unique but will also bring more profits to your establishment.

Here Are Some Unique Design Trends of 2019

Open Kitchen

Who doesn’t love an outdoor open kitchen in summer? If you want to relate to the customers and give them a more individual experience, go for an open kitchen.

Customers like to see and smell the food they eat. Give them an overall experience of how their food is actually prepared.

It will help you to communicate with your customers directly and also get valuable feedback. The open space is a perfect place to socialize and interact with each other along with the food experience.

You can make a custom outdoor kitchen with an open grill, pizza ovens and bar stations.

Local Art for Outdoor Patio

Try to incorporate more local art and exhibits in your coffee shops and restaurants. Local artists always look for a way to promote their talent and creativity. You can connect to them and get hold of their handmade art forms. It can be paintings, sculptures, hand-painted fabric or even lighting fixtures.

This will not only add to the aesthetic look of your décor but also will showcase the local talents and regional art forms.

Add Some Greenery

Greenery and live plants reinforce a feeling of vibrancy and freshness in the atmosphere. An outdoor garden brings freshness and joy to the environment.

Restaurants and cafes serve food to people of all age groups. Children especially like flowers and greenery. A touch of green reflects good health and positivity. If you want low-cost maintenance, you can also go for artificial flowers and plants. They are UV-protected and do not need much care.

Artificial Green Bamboo Plants Look Fancy and Sophisticated

Who doesn’t like a bouquet? Artificial white lily silk arrangements look fresh and real.

Artificial boxwood hedge planters and walls are beautiful and are very easy to maintain. Artificial flowering plants in removable crates come in all sizes and colors. They are perfect for tabletops.

Artificial floor palm trees can be used outdoors and can be put at the entrance.

Interactive Décor

We live in an age where Instagram and Facebook have become part and parcel of our lives. Whether you own a restaurant, a café, or a mall, your place should be eye-catchy and photogenic. People like to take photographs of their favorite food or home. This is quite a common trend, especially among the younger generation. They do not like to miss the chance to post photos of their favorite place on social media.

It is impossible to make the entire space suitable for photographs. Instead, select specific places and make them interactive for photo sessions.

Multifunctional Outdoor Furniture

Most of restaurant owners opt for multifunctional and diverse furniture. They are compact and look modern.

Invest in some good patio furniture which is comfortable and adjustable according to your need. They should be functional and mobile allowing you to move them to a new spot or just fold them back to place. There are a variety of modular pieces available in the market nowadays.

Simple and Peaceful Environment

Your outdoor retreat should be serene and peaceful. Visitors must feel a sense of tranquility and closer to nature when they come to your place.

Simple water features can truly transform the space. It is advisable not to overboard the place with decorations. It will distract customers. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

Color for Your Outdoor Space

Brighten up the patio or outdoor lounge by bold colors and bright cushions. Nile green, lavender and lime punch are the colors of the season. They are welcoming and suitable for outdoor hangouts.

Green is a tropical color is perfect for energizing your summer space. It goes well with the beautiful garden space and bright floral plants in the background.

You can use bright floral printed cushion covers. It will set up the mood for an outdoor summer party.

Outdoor Lighting

There should be adequate lighting fixtures in your outdoor space to create that perfect dreamy sequence during the evenings.

Mornings in the summertime are sunny and bright. There will be ample natural light. There should be adequate shaded spots and lounges for guests to relax from the scorching heat of the sun.

Illuminate the garden paths with outdoor floor lamps. Create a beautiful, whimsical evening with string lights and hanging lanterns. Put some string lights on the flower pots and plants to embellish a playful and romantic atmosphere.

The spa and pool area should be dimly lit. It should not be overpowering. Guests spend long hours in the pool. They should be able to relax and enjoy their time.


Outdoor living space is about enjoyment and comfort. It is a great way to connect to nature and make human connections. Your outdoor space should be a comfortable area where people can relax and communicate with their friends and family. A family includes children. So, proper arrangements should be made for the safety and security of the children, especially near the pool areas.

The entrance should not only be welcoming, but it should have a lasting impression on your visitors. The outdoor space is a place for family gatherings, feasts, conferences, and parties. Simplicity is the keyword while designing an outdoor space. So, focus on the maximum utilization of the available space.

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