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boxwood panels

From hiding flaws in walls to masking unsightly views, artificial boxwood panels can do it all in style. They have the ability to breathe a refreshing and lively feel in any indoor space in no time. And the best part about these artificial foliage panels is that they provide a hassle-free, fantastic, year-round green cover in the setting and are absolutely easy to install. If you’re planning to introduce some artificial boxwood on your commercial property and are looking for help to install them, then fret not. Here’s how to go about it.

Installing Artificial Boxwood Panels Indoors

Plantscape Commercial Silk provides custom artificial boxwood panels which come with snap-lock mechanisms and can be easily installed on any substrate in a few minutes. From corner panels to centerpiece panels, we have faux boxwood panels in a variety of shapes and styles to make installation a breeze. But, if you’ve ordered a large panel and plan to get creative with different shapes, then you’ll need to measure exactly how much foliage cover you need for the substrate and cut accordingly. We suggest you use a tape measure, note down exact measurements, draw your vision out on the wall or other substrate, and then proceed to cut the panel using a sharp pair of scissors.

The cut pieces of artificial hedges wall panels can be reassembled easily using cable or zip ties. This allows you to create custom shapes, sizes, styles with the utmost ease. Our faux boxwood panels are incredibly full and we can assure you that the cuts or ties won’t be visible.

Once you have all the panel pieces cut down, it is time to install them on the substrate. All our fake hedge wall panels come with a secure, snap-lock system on the sides of each panel that can be used to easily snap all the panel pieces together.

Now place the panel on the wall or any substrate you’re planning on using them on and stick them in place using nails or staples. Depending on the substrate type and its thickness, you’ll have to decide whether to use nails or staples.

This is it. You’ve successfully installed artificial boxwood hedge panels indoors in a matter of minutes and with the utmost ease. They will not just bring great function and color to your space but will create a most pleasant and soothing setting.