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No matter what business you’re in, Moss walls will make a perfect and uplifting addition to your space. In fact, the sense of calm, comfort, and coolness that these green walls evoke is second to none. They don’t just make for a dramatic viewing, but Moss walls have a certain elegance and timeless appeal that make your commercial project so much more enjoyable and soothing. Despite being extremely popular, there remain questions about these stunning design elements. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about moss walls.

What is a Moss Wall?

Moss walls are green walls that are crafted using real moss that has been preserved using various processes. The processing of moss makes it dormant and helps it in retaining its lively green color and soft texture for years without any maintenance. Since the moss used in these green walls is preserved, it does not require soil, water, or misting of any kind. Moss walls are panels of preserved moss that are installed on structures that are either free-standing or attached to walls.

The moss production in case of preserved moss is carefully handpicked from the forest and is then cleaned, dried, and then cleaned again to preserve it in the best form. In the case of colored moss walls, the process goes through manual coloring using non-toxic methods to give you safe and striking masterpieces.

Where can Moss walls be used?

Moss walls can be used anywhere from the reception area to lobbies, meeting areas to conference rooms, atriums to waiting rooms, restaurants to hospitals, offices, or commercial projects that need a pleasant indoor or outdoor environment and want to make a statement. Apart from the visual aesthetics, these green walls provide excellent environmental gains to the project and will do any commercial setting in a world of good.

What are the similarities between living walls and Moss walls?

Living green walls consist of real plants that are inserted into a growing medium and then placed on walls or other substrates. Moss green walls comprise of real moss that is preserved and hence, they do not require soil, water, or maintenance of any kind. Both living walls and moss walls are green walls and have the ability to reduce noise pollution and air pollution. They provide significant environmental benefits. In fact, the porosity of moss gives it a higher capacity to absorb VOCs and sound dampening properties as compared to numerous live plants.

What are the differences between living walls and Moss walls?

Since living walls have live plants, they consist of a growing medium. Moss walls do not have a growing medium and do not require soil or watering. Moss walls also weigh less per square foot as compared to living walls which are at least 3-4 times heavier. Living walls take a few months to mature, become full and hide all the hardware whereas Moss wall will bring all the beauty and charm to your space from day one. Living walls need care and maintenance at least once or twice every week and on the other hand, Moss walls require no regular upkeep. Moss panels can be installed easily in any space without high installation cost as compared to living walls. And since they don’t require regular maintenance, you save on those costs in the long run as well.

Can Moss walls be installed outdoors?

Yes. There are specialized Moss varieties that make use of innovative technology enabling you to install moss walls outdoors. PermaLeaf® is one such UV-resistant technology that makes moss walls fade-resistant and protects their color in intense sun, high winds, water, and snow conditions.

Do Moss walls require watering and soil?

Since the moss used in moss walls is preserved or dormant, it does not require watering, soil, and misting of any kind.

What are the maintenance costs associated with Moss walls?

Zero. Preserved Moss walls require little to no regular upkeep.

What are the different varieties of moss walls available?

Forest Moss, Spanish Moss, Preserved Reindeer Moss, Preserved Sphagnum Moss are some of the different varieties that can be used to create Moss walls. Each Moss variety has its own texture, depth of color, and overall aesthetic, and based on your requirements you can opt for one or all of them in a single installation. Each Moss wall is designed exclusively for a specific project.

Do Moss walls come in colors and shapes?

Yes, Moss walls come in a variety of colors and shapes. Based on the client’s requirement, preserved moss can be dyed in various colors to bring more personality and style to a Moss wall. You can create Moss walls in various shapes and styles, from logos to signage, circular or square frames to custom Moss walls.

Can I create a custom Moss wall based on my requirements?

Yes, you can create custom Moss walls as per your project requirements and vision. From incorporating different Moss varieties in different colors and shapes to creating ones in varied sizes, you can create custom Moss walls with ease.

Do you need a professional to install Moss walls?

It depends on the size and the type of the Moss wall. If it’s a small, simple panel, then you can easily install it with directions from installation experts. However, if your Moss wall is a mega masterpiece, then you’ll need the help of professionals to get it done without any damage.

Can I uninstall Moss wall and reinstall it someplace else?

Yes. One of the main advantages of panel-based Moss walls is that you can uninstall them and can take it with you anywhere you move. They can be easily disassembled, transported, and reassembled without any fuss.

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