Artificial English Ivy Bush
Artificial English Ivy Bush | English Ivy Bush ID# IEG#33
English Ivy Bush ID# IEG#33
Artificial English Ivy Bush | English Ivy Bush ID# IEG#33
English Ivy Bush ID# IEG#33
English Ivy Bush ID# IEG#33

Artificial English Ivy Bush

ID# IEG#33

Our artificial English Ivy Vine Foliage features striking, shapely leaves. The incredibly life-like English Ivy Vine Foliage will brighten up your interior landscape, with little to no maintenance. Whether you want to add some color to your hanging baskets or want to create planters with ivy “spillers”, this choice will be an eye-catching addition to your landscape or floral décor. The silky foliage is highly durable, long-lasting, and very realistic in appearance. English Ivy will add that extra amount of landscape grace and cool color tones to your landscape.
English ivy is one of the world’s most attractive and popular indoor plants. It’s prized for its beautiful, glossy foliage and manageable size. Our artificial English ivy bush is an exact botanical replica of the beloved perennial. Its silky foliage is indistinguishable from real English ivy’s. Our artificial English ivy bush has extensive design applications. It can be used to infuse captivating natural color and texture into every commercial setting.
Plantscape Commercial Silk’s fake English ivy bush stands at 33″ tall. You can also customize the bush’s size and form to meet your exact design needs. Our fake English ivy bush is a stunning addition to hanging baskets and planters of varied heights and forms. It looks breathtaking spilling over off the planter’s edge. It can also serve as a centerpiece or be combined with other real or artificial ivy plants to create a larger display.
Our faux English ivy bush comes in ThermaLeaf® materials. These self-extinguishing materials are infused with fire-retardant chemicals on a molecular scale. The resulting foliage is the world’s safest in terms of fire safety and has excellent dust resistance. Faux English ivy bush with ThermaLeaf® technology comes with a lifetime warranty.

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3-Part Specifications



Components can be affixed to interior or exterior surfaces with site specific systems to keep foliage full and secure. These can be affixed to Walls, Fences or even a Trellis.


Attachment solutions can be catered to the needs of the site alongside the greenery being placed in, on and around existing ceiling structure.


Components can be formed and applied to existing gridwork.


Attachment solution for pre-constructed ceiling substrates with low-height limitations. Requires minimal skilled installation labor. Ideal for remodeling spaces.


IFR Greenery allows light features to have components wrapped in and around adding depth to the space.


Greenery can be customized to fit existing frames for unique Greenery scapes.


Plantings are formed to interior, or exterior conditions allowing ease of installation, and ability to customize type, density, and easy swapping.


Mats and components are formed to install around angles and curves to fit each location and dimension.


Component attachment methods can be formed to the desired style and feel of the location.

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