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2022 Trend Gardening for a Changing Climate

Much has changed in the way people go through their daily lives since March 2020. The pandemic has left its impression on almost every aspect of people’s lives. Along with that, the global climatic patterns are also changing. And both these would have an impact on the gardening habits of people in 2022.

In light of climate change and Covid, there is a need to build resilience. This resilience should reflect in the type of garden. This should also reflect in the gardeners’ mindset. They should make informed decisions about the planet. The concept of sustainability is going to play a key role. 

People will focus more on the reduction of the carbon footprint and on creating wildlife habitats. The concept of biodiversity is set to make an impact. People will be more appreciative of “natural aesthetics” in their choice of gardening. 

And then there would be many who are hard-pressed for time. Yet, they would want to create and maintain greenery outside their workplace. They would also appreciate creating ornamental shapes with plants. Artificial outdoor topiary would come to their rescue.

So, let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends that 2022 has got to offer in terms of gardening.

Focus on Therapeutic Value

This particular benefit of plants is going to be more on focus. These are troubled times and the need is to have protection around us. Plants offer this protection and ensure physical and mental well-being. The focus will be on biophilia – the need for humans to interact with nature.

A Tab on the Costs

Interests in gardening is on the rise. And so are the costs for it. So, the focus will be on more home-grown plants. These plants are more hassle-free when it comes to maintenance. So, you won’t need to spend a neat sum of money on them.

Another option that is going to be trendy is installing fake boxwood plants. They are inexpensive and come without the need for watering or soil changing. All they need are some basic cleaning from time to time. So, at a fraction of the cost of the original, you can install boxwood topiary trees or artificial boxwood topiary in planters. They are set to become more and more visible in outdoor gardens around the world this year.

Fruits and Vegetables Galore

Orchards in the back garden? Yes, this is another distinctive gardening trend emerging in 2022. With a focus on maintaining a better fruit diet, the green thumbs will grow more apples, pomegranates, chokeberries, etc. The “snow white” apples are set to become more prevalent. 

Bouquets grown at home, non-commercially, are going to flourish. Flowers like dahlia, zinnia, cosmos, etc. will be grown more. These summer flowers are easy to grow. And also set to grow are kitchen gardens. 

This way, the food would be available right next to where you are. This cuts down on the foodstuff’s traveling requirement. It ensures the reduction of excess carbon footprint. And you don’t have to consume harmful pesticides. The latter also causes damage to the soil.

Preference for Drought-resistant Plants

Growing uncertainties of climate change make one thing certain. And that is erratic rainfall. There are increasing chances of prolonged periods without rainfall. But that should not dampen the gardening zeal. 

So, this year would see more planting of the sort done in the Mediterranean areas. That means, more and more people would opt for drought-tolerant plants. Some of these are verbena, lavender, and the likes.

There would be another effective option of decorating your garden with plants in ornamental shapes. And that would be to go for artificial topiary trees. With no need for water, the faux topiary trees can survive even the harshest of dry weather. 

Just one reason among many for artificial plants to gain popularity among gardeners this year. 

Let the Wildflowers Bloom

A well-manicured lawn does have its charms. But in 2022, the trend that’s going to catch up is the meadow landscape look. This would resemble a picture postcard English countryside look. 

Blooming wildflowers and foliage plants (like ferns) would grow in abandon side by side. You could prune the wildflowers for their looks to suit your taste. But the idea would be to let the wildflowers grow unhindered. And the best part – wildflowers can grow with ease even in improper soil types.

Installing More Wildlife Gardens

There would be an increased focus on sustainability. And as part of this, the world would see more wildlife gardens being installed. Such gardens would have their own bustling ecosystems. It would be having pollinators, among others. They would keep the plant ecology thriving. And these gardens would also be able to adapt to the changing climatic conditions.

All over the world, there are many areas that are prone to waterlogging. 2022 will see more moisture-loving plants being planted in such areas. They would become “rain gardens.” Many gardeners would also overhaul their gardens and include reservoirs to harvest rainwater. This would reduce water usage and conserve this vital resource.

Increased Presence of Living Walls

2022 is going to see many solid fences giving way to living walls – garden walls made up of lush green foliage. Be it natural plants or faux plants, living walls and dividers would be extensively visible. Both horizontal and vertical spaces in gardens are going to see living walls being erected.

Bring On the Colors

It has been a drab year and a half since the pandemic started. 2022 will see many gardeners ditch the muted colors and pastel-shaded plants for brighter stuff like red and orange. So, expect to see more of Sienna, Granvia Gold, and the likes.

To conclude, the key trend in gardening that’s emerging in 2022 is a focus on sustainable gardening methods. Factoring in the quickly-changing climatic conditions is going to be necessary. And the gardeners would work to create gardens that don’t put a strain on the environment.