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Artificial Boxwoods for Landscapes

Boxwoods are perfect. Used both as formal and informal decorations, the round-leafed trees come with a thick coat of leaves. Perfect as edges and borders in buildings, the taller variants also work as protection against sun and strong winds.

However, there’s a small catch here. Natural boxwoods require a fair amount of caretaking. You would need to select the right soil type. The plants would need regular pruning and watering. And at times, weather extremities can also harm them. 

But don’t worry. You have a way out. You can opt for artificial boxwoods. Be it an artificial hedge wall or any other form, artificial boxwoods can act as wonderful landscape decorating agents. Let’s take a look at some of these exciting options that you have.

Boxwood Hedges

Life-like and more long-lasting. Easy to install, yet durable. Boxwood hedges provide the perfect cover for concrete walls and unsightly fences. You can add a fair touch of beauty to your patio, gazebo, lawn, porch, and many other areas. Various design options are available to suit the look and structure of the intended area. And all this comes without any maintenance-related hassles.

Fake Boxwood Hedges

Boxwood Rolls

Well, not the red carpet treatment, maybe. But with the artificial boxwood rolls, you can definitely roll out a lush green carpet for visitors. These faux plant panels are made of the finest quality UV-resistant materials. You can use them as wall covers or even on the rooftop as an insulating agent. These rolls can bring a high-end feel to any kind of gathering, personal or professional.

Boxwood Topiary

Pruned to perfection, boxwood artificial topiary trees come in various shapes. With slender trunks and bright green hues, the trees add a dash of color wherever you place them. They are suitable as both internal and external items of décor. You can place them in planters and put them as a centerpiece decorative item. Do you like an out-of-the-box look? Then go for a sphere or other different-shaped boxwood topiaries (like cones, balls, specific letters, etc.) and let the fake tree decors work wonders for the space.

Boxwood Privet Hedges

Boxwood Bushes

As far as hedges are concerned, potted boxwood bushes are quite popular. They look natural and often come with customized planters. They are long-lasting and come in various sizes to suit the dimensions of the location where they would be kept. 

Boxwood Shrubs

These shrubs have small leaves and can be placed on the window sills, near corner walls, or anywhere on the porch. The stems are adjustable and can reach up to heights of around 12 inches. The entire plant is quite easy to clean and maintain. Looking to make some flower arrangements on your fake plants? Boxwood shrubs are suitable for that, too.

Boxwood Shrubs

Boxwood Balls

Faux boxwood balls look totally life-like and can come in sets of twos or individually. You can place them on rough surfaces like concrete, stone, or rough wood. These balls are made by placing faux boxwood on metal frames and measure 15-20 inches in diameter. 

Boxwood Spheres

The faux boxwood spheres are available individually or in sets of two’s and three’s. You can opt for multiple dimensions to create some visual variety for your landscape. Place them in planters of different hues and make the landscape come alive. These spheres are usually quite durable and retain their appeal for a long time.

Boxwood Balls

Boxwood Mats

Artificial boxwood mats can make excellent greenery walls. These mats can create hedges that act like privacy-ensuring screens. These mats usually come in panels and when spread out over a surface, build an impression of a continuous wall of foliage. You can place these mats over the surfaces of various dimensions and ensure a seamless green landscape.

Boxwood Privet Hedges

A hedge that looks just like a natural one and serves the purpose of providing privacy to a property. That is a private hedge for you. You can get the hedges customized as per your requirement. The dense foliage helps to segregate the different portions of the outdoor landscape. Hassle-free maintenance and ease of installation have ensured that faux boxwood privet hedges are an important part of the landscape across the world.

Boxwood privacy hedges

Privacy Hedge Screens

Fake green privacy hedge screens are an extension of the privet hedges. These leafy hedges can cover up ungainly or misfit structures in the landscape, while also doubling up as a beautifying agent. You can also add further decoration to these green screens to make the landscape design stand out. Available in off-the-shelf and customized dimensions, the boxwood privacy hedge screens act as both functional and beautification items.

Boxwood Green Walls

One good thing among many about boxwood green walls is that both by being left blank or with designs on them, they are equally attractive. Go for fake ivy walls or any other form of plant designs on the green walls. Or you might decide to opt for floral designs on these walls. In every way, investment in boxwood green walls for landscape design is worth it.

boxwood green wall

Framed Boxwood Wall Hanging

Fancy decorating the landscape by placing faux boxwood within 3D frames? Well then, go for it. You can go for the standard or differently customized frames in various colors. The boxwood would fit into the frame, whatever be the latter’s design. You can place these in the various walls while doing interior landscape designing. The walls would come to life for sure with the bright faux greenery amidst the multiple-colored frames hanging from them.

So, as you can see, there are multiple options at your disposal. You can mix and match these boxwood options to create your unique landscape designs. You can get in touch with a reputed artificial plant supplier to know more about them.