Artificial Boxwood Mats

As the ultimate tool in the modern landscaping arsenal, these Artificial Boxwood mats are a singular resource to cover it all. These tightly woven square foliage mats are skillfully crafted; Our lush, versatile mats are highly durable and made to last with researched, botanically accurate foliage conveying a rich, authentic experience.

Because of their simplicity and straightforward design, our wholesale hedge mats can be installed quickly and easily by anyone to get consistent, seamless results no matter how large the composition. Whether you’re covering one wall, one room, or one building, the artisanal organic patterning of our boxwood foliage is guaranteed to never repeat itself or leave gaps in coverage. That leaves you with a fully realized boxwood green wall that needs no watering, cleaning, trimming, or cleanup.

Having an interior decked out in dark green Boxwood sounds like a whimsical dream, but for many, concerns about indoor fire safety come to mind. With today’s advancements in fire retardant technology, we have access to an inherently flame-retardant composite of materials that passes more fire code compliance tests than others on the market. That gives you the peace of mind in knowing your space is safe and the investment in your project is protected.

Outdoor projects can sometimes present a financial gamble. We can always count on mother nature to be unpredictable and harsh at times, and that makes it tough to go all-in on exterior projects that are subject to fading, crumbling, and weathering from exposure to the elements. Our specially developed UV-resistant boxwood foliage offers powerful UV protection that means your green wall will stay green for years to come.